Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

Something truly amazing is happening here at the farm.  Ike is getting better.  Seriously better.  This dog should not be getting better but he is.  He’s had two appointments so far with Dr. Karen Rettig at Alternatives for Animals.  That’s it.  Two.  He came home from the second appointment and ran around the back yard.  Granted it was a stiff run, but he’s never run before.  And it was better than his trot used to be.  His trot looked like a child playing with a plastic toy dog.  He now has some lateral movement in his spine and more stability in his legs.  He wasn’t running around the back yard actually, he was chasing Bubba during one of Bubba’s fence running episodes.  He was going back and forth around the tree and the deck and actually giving Bubba a good nudge in the butt.  I’m watching this very carefully because my biggest fear is that Ike gets better and no longer gets along with Bubba and I have to find him a good home.  Ike, not Bubba.  I don’t think that would be that hard, I almost gave him to the office manager at Dr. Rettig’s.  If her home had been a better fit for Ike I would have let him go there.  She’s been caught in Ike’s web.  There is something about this dog.  Something that made the folks at OAS take him on even though he should have been a PTS case.  Something that’s made him come back from the brink here even though he should have been a hospice case.  Everyone that meets him loves him.  She really loves him but wasn’t able to take Ike him due to her hardwood floors, stairs and cats.  It killed me to even offer him, but it was the right thing to do for him.  This woman came into his room and sat and stroked him while he was getting his acupuncture.  She called me to see when he was coming back in.  Not because it was part of her job but because she loves Ike.  He’s great here, but if there’s another great house where he can be an only child, get flooring he can survive on, not have to negotiate steps, and they have to means for his treatments, I have to consider it.  Ike can’t survive in a house with stairs or slick flooring such as hardwood, tile, pergo, linoleum.  That’s why I took him.  I have slate, carpet and just one step to get outside.  I knew he would do as well as possible here.  And he’s reaping the rewards of that forward thinking right now.  And for now, it’s amazing to watch.

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