The weight of unravelling where we went wrong

I have a nomination for the stupidest guy on the planet.  And I don’t think there are very many people who would dispute this.  Guys like this guy make life difficult for the rest of us.  This guy shouldn’t even be allowed around sharp objects he’s such a jackass.  Steven Hayashi.  Yep.  Steven Hayashi.  He’s the stupid ass that owned the five pit bulls that killed his two year old grandson.  I got a feeling Thanksgiving is going to be a little tense at the Hayashi house in the future.  For the second time in two weeks a ghetto bird circled over my house.  That’s how close these dipshits live to me.  It’s not easy to work with the ghetto chopper circling over your house, trust me.

First off, five dogs is a pack.  The dynamics change when you get to five.  He starts with a bitch who was pregnant and has two puppies.  Now, you’re such an idiot that you can’t afford to spay and/or neuter your dogs so those three make more dogs.  And you’re not smart enough to get new homes for the puppies.  And you’re so stupid that they aren’t fixed either.  And they kill your Chihuahua and you don’t think that’s a problem?  You don’t see the attack but you’re sure it’s just the one.  You didn’t see the attack you freaking moron.  You don’t know what the hell happened.  You only know the result.  You are an idiot.  All the dogs were gentle and friendly except for Kiwi.  Unless of course they were busy killing the family dog or your grandson, then they’re a little temperamental.  I promise you, I would never have a dog unsupervised around children and I would absolutely under no circumstance ever have a dog I couldn’t trust around children.  Anybody who thinks differently than that is a complete moron.  At the end of the day, they’re animals.  Never give jailhouse interviews, it just lets the rest of us know what an idiot your are.

According to Hayashi, all of the dogs had been raised to be family pets and were gentle and friendly except for Kiwi. “I never let Kiwi around my grandchildren because I didn’t trust him,” Hayashi said. About a year before the attack, the dogs attacked and killed his pet Chihuahua, “Ruby.” Although nobody saw the pit bulls kill the Chihuahua, Hayashi said he believes Kiwi was the one that killed it. The dogs had never displayed any aggression toward humans, though, and everyone except Jacob and his brother could handle them without a problem, Hayashi said.

Yeah, not a problem until they killed your grandson and left his corpse on the garage floor.  Or this jewel:

Hayashi described himself as an animal lover who was surprised the animals turned so violent.“I thought pit bulls had a bad rap,” he said. “I’m one of those animal lovers who thinks dogs are dogs. Now I mistrust all dogs.”

No, pit bulls have a bad rap because of stupid guys like you doing stupid things that allow horrible things to occurr.  Get it?  It’s your fault.

I’m going to use one of The Brother’s terms here. 


1. (of an immoral or illegal act or omission) Intentional; deliberate.

2. Having or showing a stubborn and determined intention to do as one wants, regardless of the consequences or effects

Pit bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Akitas and Doberman Pinschers are willful dogs.  If you are not a strong enough owner to establish yourself as the Alpha, there is going to be problems.  Period.  I get challenged daily.  I do not lose.  I transport these dogs in the cab of my truck, secured with a dog seatbelt more often than not.  I never have any trouble.  Why?  Because I get into that truck and they know to sit down, shut up and hang on.  And they do.  If you can’t look at your dog and they stop what they’re doing, you have no business owning a willful dog.  You or somebody else is going to get hurt.

Now let’s get back to another stupid thing this guy did.  He tied on of the dogs to a tree in the front yard.  From Karen Delise

“Chained dogs have killed at least 127 people. Of the 127 people, 112 were children that wandered into reach of a chained or similarly restrained
dog. Another 11 occurred from dogs who were chained and broke free before attacking.” She also states in her book: “Statistically, chained dogs are more dangerous than free-running packs of dogs.”

That was written in 2003.  The media would like to tell us that there is an epidemic of dog bites, but truth be told, dog bites are down.  Way down from 1971 when I was the right age to get my ass bit and never did.  Here’s another interesting stat from the National Canine Research Council:

There have been 18 fatal dog attacks in Pennsylvania in the past 45 years (1965-2009).  11 different breeds or types of dogs have been reported in connection with these incident.  NONE were pit bull type dogs.

That is in spite of the fact that criminal offenders and drug dealers prefer pit bull type dogs.  Once you get back to the real numbers, there is little evidence that pit bulls type dogs are more aggressive.  There is evidence that stupid people go to a pit bull to make up for what nature shorted them.  And that is a bad combination.

Not everybody can own a pit.  Not everyone can own a Doberman.  Not everyone can or should own a Rottweiler, or a GSD or an Akita.  Not everyone should even own a dog.  I mean, if somebody has an aggressive Chihuahua or an aggressive Shiz Tzu, what makes them think they can raise a balanced willful dog?  Somebody has to say, no, you can’t have this.  And for the sake of responsible dog owners, I wish someone had said that to Steven Hayashi, because he’s a moron.

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  1. Different kind of stuck on stupid for you. This morning the Wall Street Journal has published the top 25 earning CEO’s of the last decade. Larry Ellison tops the list and Steve Job is #4.
    The dark lord of the evil empire comes in at #16. He’s featured in an article about smaller companies CEO’s who made the list.
    Here’s the link to the table of the most generously paid-
    Here’s a link to the story that features the burgermeister

    If you don’t have steam pouring out of your ears yet, then look at this months Wine Spectrator. A small piece about Sauv Blanc with Chalk Hill Winery featured. These are the good ole’ days for that institution!

    At tax time, many tea party folk were up in arms that 40% of earners didn’t pay any taxes (they didn’t earn enough), and in some cases, a few got checks from the IRS. Doing very little digging I found that over the past 30 years the bottom 40% of earners have seen their wages stand still. That group has had a 15% increase in pay, over those 30 years. The top 20%, on the other hand, have enjoyed a 75% increase in pay. Consider that when you look at this table. The folks on this table have enjoyed large salaries AND large raises. The folks who worked at Fidelity have enjoyed more time off and pink slips (or if they’ve kept their jobs, pay cuts and more work). When someone earning $500K gets a 75% raise that’s $375K! When someone who earns $50K gets a 15% raise that’s a $7.5K raise. It does take much to understand the massive wealth re-distribution.
    During those same 30 years (yes, that begins with the Reagan deconstruction), we’ve continually heard how the top income earners are carrying more of the tax burden and we’ve heard that’s not fair. Try this one on; pay the folks at the bottom enough to tax them! Take a small sliver of the kings’ treasure you enjoy and pay the bottom 40% a little better. If they earn enough to tax, you’re tax burden becomes less.
    Also on this list; Richard Fuld (Lehman CEO), Angelo Mozilo (Countrywide CEO), Sanford Weill (Citigroup)and Ray Irani (Oxy petroleum). Everyone one of these companies either had a hand in the financial failure and 1 company helps keep energy costs nice and high (Oxy actually makes fertilizers and ag products from oil).
    I’m going to look in to Yoga or Pilates, or I’m going to pop a 2007 Davis Family Pinot for breakfast. At least I’ll be relaxed for the rest of the day!

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