They have the authority to kill a minority

* WARNING: Today’s post contains more offensive language than usual.  Because I find these people repulsive.

Yesterday Ygnacio Valley Road was closed for several hours right in the heart of the commute.  It was closed so a bunch of stupid white people could spew their racist hate in the guise of “Supporting Johannes Mehserle”.  I call bullshit.  To me it’s just as stupid as the “Free Mumia” crowd.  Mehserle was convicted of a crime.  Now he gets to do his time.  Mumia Abu-Jamal, born Wesley Cook, killed a cop.  There’s no freeing him.  He did the crime, now he gets to do his time.  Personally, I don’t want criminals “freed”.  Do the crime, do the time.

Mehserle was convicted of a crime.  He wrongfully pulled and discharged his weapon and took a young man’s life.  It was pretty much the crime he copped to.  No one presented any evidence that he was a racist cop, rather a lot of evidence was presented that he was a dumb ass.  So does Walnut Creek and Concord support dumb asses who kill people?  Here’s the link to some photos from yesterday.  The organizer, who is pretty much a jackass himself, pissing and whining at the media because they covered his announcement on his Facebook page.  This idiot doesn’t understand the conviction any more than all of the folks who think it was murder.  We’re a whole society full of dumb asses.  Ignorant dumb asses.

It was just an excuse for them to go out there and show their racism.  The Oscar Grant supporters are accusing Mehserle of racism.  He may be a racist, most people are.  Yeah, I just said that.  Most people are, the issue is whether it’s overt or not.  But did his racism lead him to willfully murder that young man?  I don’t think so.  I have never thought so.  Did the fact that he’s just an idiot contribute?  Probably.  But the organizers and participants in this rally used their right to free speech to air their own overt racism.  And it allowed the ugly truth to bubble up in public.  And that disgusts me.  We should be heading towards more tolerance, more acceptance and more diversity.  Let me cut through the crap and tell you what it was about.  It was about a bunch of racist white suburban assholes getting out and saying the the only good nigger is a dead one.  It ain’t no crime to shoot one.  There you go.  That’s it in a nutshell.  That’s what those people think.  And they are repulsive.  But they didn’t use those words.  They said they were supporting their local police.  BULLSHIT.  They all think that Oakland is this cesspool of lazy ignorant drug dealers that needs to get off their collective asses and get a job.  They think that because they’re so scared of black people that they won’t even go to Oakland.  Personally, that’s fine with me.  Oakland’s got it’s problems, that’s for sure, but there are some really great things going on in Oakland. Things these people are too stupid to understand.  Oakland is full of great folks, good families and some amazing culture.

There is no reason to “Support Johannes Mehserle”.  He was at the very least a lousy cop, possibly a bad one.  The police force doesn’t need lousy untrained officers.  Do these Walnut Creek racists support poorly trained police officers?  Let’s take it one extension.  The cops bust down your door guns drawn because they’re busting a meth house.  Except you’re on 6th Avenue and they were supposed to bust down the door at 6th Street.  You’re confused and in your confusion your actions become “resisting arrest”.  And the cop reaches for his tasar and gets his revolver instead and now you swim with the fish.  Do you support the dumbass that just shot you?  Did you know that SWAT teams do 150 “wrong door” invasions per year in this country?  How would you like to be shot during a “wrong door” home invasion?  I do not support bad police work.  I do not support Johannes Mehserle and I do not support the racist assholes that created and attended the rally last night in Walnut Creek.  If they really wanted to support Johannes Mehserle and the police force, they would pay their freaking taxes and shut the hell up.

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  1. In a dream world, imagine this lot and the rioters in Oakland all thrown together in the Thunderdome. Extra chain saws provided. Think what that would do to the average IQ?

  2. On a positive note; for a while, anyhow, FoxNews’ viewership was missing a couple of devotees.
    When complex issues get dumbed down to us v them, nothing will be resolved. Religious wars never end, and that’s the core of us v them. If your religion is your path to salvation, how can compromise that? You can’t. When a complex issue is boiled down to “they don’t want you to believe what you believe”, you have few alternatives.
    Complex issues should stay complex. Their complexity will help resolve them. Simple thinkers shouldn’t get involved in complex issues. They can’t handle it. We should cultivate complex thinkers to deal with complex issues. We should call out, the posers who lead be division instead of following them into the street.

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