Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

Little Victories

What a day yesterday turned into. It started with a great workout, then spiralled out of control, but I remained a BFL rock through the storm. 7:15am my receptionist calls me bawling and sick with a migraine. She’s afraid of calling in sick and getting RIF’d. Good concern, but she’s my little gypsy and I’ll keep her as long as possible. Well, we’re running very lean so everyone had to pick it up a notch. I think for the most part they did. Then the marketing department was moving to an automated operater and I had to set that up, except we made a mistake and we had to do it twice. Then I had to move the Lafayette office and that was a nightmare. The landlady is a card carrying whack job. A batty old broad on a good day. She denied knowledge that we were moving threatened to sue my moving company repeatedly and generally added a ton of unneeded stress to the day. It didn’t help that the boneheaded sales guy didn’t follow through on anything. Can you move the copier? Yes. (you meant no) Bring 250 feet of masonite (oops we forgot) Fax your insurance over to the Bat Lady (didn’t happen) Take it down the back stairs (say what?) Or the contractor…the cabinets need 30 inches of clearance (really? yeah really) At the end of the day I was beat and pissed off. One of my reps brought over a bottle of champagne to christen the new office and some beer and chips. I looked at all of it, realized I wasn’t getting dinner last night and drove to my office and got a Myoplex. Good Dog. I am well pleased with myself today and I weighed in at 207 this morning which makes it worth it!

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