I Like Ike

May you always be courageous

Now that’s how you make a political ad.  No sniping, no crap, just a great little jingle.  And an elephant.

We all like Ike.  He’s wormed his way into everyone’s heart.  He speaks for his dinner, he sits pretty and he flops his big head on my lap.  What’s not to like?

I’ve been working trying to get some help for Ike.  I originally thought he’d be here two weeks and then I’d send him to the Rainbow Bridge.  Well, Ike didn’t get that memo.  It’s two weeks today.  Last week a gentle reader graciously stepped in and offered Ike her kitty’s left over prednisone.  That’s made a big difference for him and I am very grateful for PBE readers.  Ike’s getting better.  And he has the opportunity to get even mo’ betta.

Ike has been approved as a Special Needs Doberman.  Click here and scroll down to the “General Fund” and click on the General Fund.  It will take you to Paypal.  Under “Add Special instructions to merchant” specify I Like Ike.  That’s the important part, you have to specify “I Like Ike”.  Then all proceeds will go directly towards his treatment and together we can get this boy on the road to recovery.  Special Needs Dobermans is a 501(c)(3) non-profit so every penny is a charitable donation.  Our goal is $600 which will get him 4-5 treatments at Alternatives for Animals.  That should provide him the relief that he needs to start living the life he was supposed to live before Wobbler’s Syndrome almost cost him his life.  Dr. Rettig has done work on other rescued Doberman that have Wobbler’s and has had amazing progress.  Every little bit helps this big boy.

Ike would like to thank all of the folks who are making this possible for him.  And I’m feeling a little verklempt.

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  • OldTitleGuy

    Now if everybody from the title/escrow world that reads your blog as title news central would just kick in a couple of bucks, not only could he get the treatments he needs but maybe a new typewriter ribbon too.

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