Home Improvements

More photojournalism, and some musings

I supposed it’s poetic that the Pink Bunny has a pink bathroom. I need to figure out what to do with this bad boy. It’s the second home I’ve purchased with a pink bathroom. As ugly as this is, the fixtures are in surprisingly good shape. I’m considering leaving this bathroom in place and doing the kitchen and the other bathroom, or tearing it out and building it back gradually, if the checkbook starts to wheeze.


Last night I measured everything and tore out about half of the carpet. What these pictures don’t show is how badly the place reeks of dog piss. Here’s a chunk of that lovely green carpet. The source of the stench is obvious.


I’m going to have to pull out a couple of pieces of plywood off of the floor too. I’m pretty sure hardwood is going back in. That’ll be back breaking work, but to be honest, I feel alive this morning for the first time in over a year. It’s worth it.

Beauregard is taking it slow this morning. He ran like a banshee at the property yesterday. His tongue was hanging when we left. The neighbors came over and introduced themselves last night. Tim came over with his little girl Lucy who accidently on purpose (probably) lost a ball into our yard. Then Cindy the Mom came over and introduced themselves. They seem happy with the notion that I’m there to take care of the place. Beau makes them a little nervous. Chester the cat came by, Beau barked and Chester is reassessing the situation. Chuck and Leslie from across the street came over and introduced themselves too. If this is the new neighborhood, this could be very good.

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