Bush is a Moron,  Dogs,  Stuck on Stupid

He grabbed a carton of milk and he poured a glass

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Hopefully that code stuck.  And for all those folks out there who are bitching about civilians telling the Generals “how to do their jobs” uh, that’s the way it’s been in this country forever.  Keeping in mind that Obama kept Bush’s guy in place.  Yeah, Gates is Bush’s guy.  Robert McNamara ran the Viet Nam war and had no background in defense matters.   He spent three years in the Army Air Force starting in 1943.  That’s it.  There was plenty of kvetching about the strategy back then too.  A strategy run by Congress and the Department of Defense.  So when Melvin Laird decentralized decisionmaking and let the military take a large roll, the results were same shit different day.  And that Vietnamization thing workout out great.  We haven’t “won” a war since WWII.  We’re kind of like the Cubs.  We’re still thinking like we’re this big dynasty, but we don’t have the stomach for any prolonged engagement any more.  I did name a cat Westmoreland once.  That kitty had great eyebrows.

On the subject of critters, and bad decisionmaking.  I am probably getting a hospice case here this week.

They named him Ike, since Sherman was named after a General, we’re considering this guy to be named in honor of Eisenhower.  He’s got Wobbler’s.  I actually diagnosed him and the shelter vet took the X-rays and confirmed.  He was flat when he came in and they brought him back.  He gets around ok and with some proper care he could go for a couple of months, maybe a year at best.  He’s only 4ish, but he deserves better than dying in a shelter.  Wobbler’s dogs can’t navigate on slick flooring.  They have a hard time with hardwood floors, linoleum, tile.  I have slate.  I’m one of the few places he can get around that isn’t a shelter.  So unless their volunteer who really liked him but only wanted to foster for a short time takes him, he’ll come here until his time.  Only those who know me in RT know or remember Cody.  He was a trainwreck of a greyhound who spent his last seven months here.  He belonged to a friend of mine who couldn’t take him where they were going.  And of course Toby, the gypsy Doberman who spent 19 months here until the cancer got her.

There’s certainly enough reward to be worth the risk to me.  I know he’s not going to go too long, my job is to make him as comfortable as possible for as long as I can.  And if he ends up here I will.

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