Look around everywhere you turn is heartache

Today’s just a quicky.  Yes, I’ve been busy.  Yes, I know you’ve all figured out that the lack of posts equals busy Wine Dog.  Just hope that my busyness translates to business.

In from OTG, the Evil Empire walked in and decimated their claims department in Irvine.

No notice, just swooped in and canned all the attorneys, claims officers and assistants.  I guess they are transferring all the files to Florida and Omaha.

Are you sure they aren’t processing those claims in Bangalore?  Wine industry, are you listening to me?  Thought not.

And file this one under “That’s going to leave a mark”.  A little more from Source of Title.  And a really good article written when the story broke in 2006.  I know I’ve talked about this case before but I have too much to do today to find the old references.  I’m sure it’s back in the archives filed under “That’s going to leave a mark”.  Looks like it did.  “Chicago employees knew that what they were doing was wrong.”  Like that’s never happened before.  These clowns just got caught.  Good luck getting work to Michael Godwin, Craig Gainor and Zuzzette Nieto.  I’m thinking it might be time to look for a new line of work.  Sonofabun just ran into an old loan officer.  He’s still an officer.  A security officer.  At the local emergency room.  Ouch.

Lots of ad wonks wish their videos would go viral.  This is how you do it.

[youtube sQ0M9CBEkw0]

My diaper is full.  Wine Dog out.

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