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Hard work vs. working hard

Demo is hard work. Soul cleansing work, but hard work. While I tore out carpet, two layers of linoleum and a layer of particle board that covered the plywood, Beau and Coco, the tile guy’s boxer, played all star wrestling in the back yard.


Sometimes the demo is like a treasure hunt. Yesterday I found some really cool things. Grace, the former owner had lived in the house for 30 years. Apparently, according to the neighbors, she was a widow, but no husband ever lived there. She had done almost no work the entire time she lived there. That enabled me to have some muscle on the price, although I really liked the property and pushed only as hard as I needed to, without losing the place. That also meant that she had some of the original stuff, okay, probably all of the original stuff from 1958 when the property was built. This included the original manual for the nearly 50 year old cooktop. The original builder’s plans for the place and who knows what else, I didn’t get past the wonder of the plans. Speaking of original, underneath that terrible lino in the kitchen I found this:


I distinctly remember this from my childhood, (only in pink) but my mother has no recollection. I sent her a picture, maybe that’ll set something off and she will remember. Or maybe my brother remembers it, but it’s definitely in the way back machine somewhere. Here are two fine offerings from the dining/fireplace room:


Today the two maple trees will meet their maker. Some goofball planted them right up against the house and one in pushing on the foundation and the other has made the walkway heave. Since my plans include a smoker and a wood burning bread oven, maple stacked up is a beautiful thing. Jesus will cut them down. I wanted to pay $1200 for both. He called me yesterday and wanted $1700. Without saying anything about the price, I let him know that it was too high. He kept coming back at me until I agreed to meet him at the house in an hour. At that point I said I didn’t have $1700, so how much for just the one, no stump grinding. $1000. Then I told him the story of Dave and me cutting down the two Cedars at Toyon. He knew I knew. He says okay $1200 for both. Now why on God’s green earth would you want to build a wall to keep that guy out of the country? Hopefully he doesn’t screw up and drop the tree on my house today.

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