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This morning might be the Jim Rose Flying Circus version of PBE.  First up, Kevin Costner.  I kept hearing his name, and here we are 63 days and Bull Durham is the guy that’s supposed to save the day.  Interesting.  I thought maybe it was another Kevin Costner, but it’s not.  So we have elected on Governor for starring in a bunch of movies, we’re running another one who’s claim to fame is running an internet startup that actually took off and Bull Durham is the guy with the machine that may just save the day.

I suspect Obama’s doing a lot more in the background than any of us know.  Y’all wanted business to have free rein so he’s letting BP clean up their mess.  Just like you assholes wanted it.  Minnesota?  STFU.

[youtube QETOxVU0SEE]

Who says “slammer” any more?  This bitch is stark raving mad.  She’s accusing Obama of taking a bribe from BP.  Does she not know that he’s a wealthy man? And he didn’t get there like Blagojevich.  That crazy bitch makes Bill O’Reilly make sense.  That’s some kind of crazy.

For the love of God can we elect some people who know what the hell they’re doing?  Joe Barton?  Seriously?  BP should be giving away free gas to the entire Gulf region for as long as they continue to put that region out of work and destroy the environment.  They have killed scores of wild life, crushed small businesses, demolished families and killed eleven guys.  And you apologize?  Joe, you’re an asshole.

And on the subject of some kind of crazy, Sonofabun sent me this yesterday.  On one hand it’s funny, on the other, it’s terrible.  It is what gives us real estate agents a bad name.  And when they say we need to start using social media, if this is how you use it, don’t.  Roll the video Wine Dog.

[youtube ozCreFNCMvg]

What you don’t know from the video is that the property is over priced by about $200k.  Of course there is no such thing as “red cherry oak” cabinets and the appliances are GE profile not GE plus, but those are the minor issues.  They are offering 4% commission to the selling agent if they oversell it by $200k and get the asking price.  After that it drops to 2%.  If there were a Rule 405 in real estate, which their should be, this jackass would be sitting in front of the board defending his license, as he should be anyway.  Because I promise you, overselling a house by $200k is not a suitable investment for anyone.  This house is not for sale, it’s just being advertised.  If it were for sale it would be priced at the market, or near the market and they would have hired a professional.  So necessary.

Sherman went to his forever home last week.  I’ve gotten several pictures and reports on him.  He’s doing awesome.  He’s bonded with the husband and follows him all around.  He’s chosen a couch as his own.  There’s a picture of him curled up in a round side chair, just like Beauregard used to do, but I can’t download that one.

I was back in Oakland yesterday.  There’s another boy there.  The gals over there are doing a great job of moving the Dobermans to safety.  This one’s gorgeous and sweet and pretty sick but we’ll probably work something out anyway.  I really wish people understood that you can’t breed a Doberman without extensive health testing.  This poor boy’s problems could have been avoided with some simple health testing of the parent.  Probably both on site.  Probably some jackass thinking he could make some money breeding dogs.  And this poor animal will suffer because of it.  He’s got that bad of an issue.  If you haven’t finished your dog in Confirmation, Obedience or have a working title on them, don’t even think about breeding it.  Period.  If you have then go get some health testing, don’t cherry pick the results and then and only then you can think about breeding it.  It ain’t your right to go out there an overpopulate the world with poorly bred animals that end up in shelters being euthanized.  That isn’t a right and if you think it is, you’re an asshole.  It’s our responsibility as guardians to this earth to do the right thing and that ain’t it.

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