Those are the memories that make me a wealthy soul

Today is short and sweet.

Every now and again, something comes together exactly perfectly.  The family that was supposed to visit Sherman at the rescue came down around noon yesterday.  He is with his new family heading home this morning.  I always tell dogs exactly what’s going to happen if I can.  I’ve always told my dogs when I would be back if I were going out of town, how many sleeps before I returned.  I told Sherman he was going to stay with a lady and some other dogs and he would have alot of room to run for a few days.  Then some people were going to come see him.  I told them they had a dachshund and that she would make the final decision.  Be nice to the dachshund.  I would like to hope that when he saw the dachshund yesterday, he knew that the hobo phase of his life was over with and he was heading home.  Have a great life little man.  It’s your turn.

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