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Sherman is up at the rescue now. We miss him, but I know that he would become a big boy and he would fight violently with Bubba.  That’s what male Dobermans in the same home do.  Only Magnum P.I. has “the boys.”  He knew.  I imagine that’s because I told him.  And he’s that good of a dog.  Someone is going to get a great little dog.  He’s in good hands now.  That little dog didn’t have a single “accident” when he was here.  Outside every single time.  He barked in the morning to let me know he wanted to go out.  But he was afraid.  After I hooked him up to leave today, I remembered my phone back in the office.  He did not want to go back in my office at all.  That was the only time he went into that room.  He went into the bedroom once and that was because I led him into that bathroom to clean his ears last Sunday.  I don’t know who hurt that poor little dog but I’d sure like to jack them up myself.

He did learn some things from Rita and Bubba.  Like which couch he could sleep on.  He really liked sleeping on the couch.  He learned that on Friday.

And check this out.  Very cool what these guys do.

[youtube WAjZS12bNio]

And I approve of the use of IZ in this case.

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