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Then everything went black

How cute is this?

[youtube D5htJ91oFzs]

Yeah, that’s cute.  Now who was the dumb ass that recommended I watch Hachiko?  You suck.  Although I’m fascinated that it was based on a true story, which is really cool.  Although stuffing and mounting him is kind of weird

On the other hand, it’s been hot here and here’s something we don’t see in slow motion at The Farm

[youtube 63Ch2pNkZwU]

I harvested my fava beans on Saturday.  I resisted the temptation to serve them with liver and a nice Chianti.  Instead I got some hot Italian sausage, the fava beans, the last of the chard and some whole wheat fettuchini.  I dressed it with olive oil and lemon.  It came out really good.  Photojournalism did not happen.

And back by popular demand, the bike routes.  3:35 average speed 11.4 average rpm 77


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