And though the sun shines, I see nothing at all

Today I’m going around the horn.

First up, BP.  What’s the matter with you assholes?  I mean, I know, but seriously.  What are we 37 days in to this mess and BP is still shuffling and jerking around.  They fought tooth and nail to keep the scientists from getting involved, they fought the media reporting the truth and they have consistently publicly underestimated the breadth of the event.  First it was 5000 gallons, then 70,000 now 200,000 gallons a day.  What’s amazing to me is how somehow a private company’s behavior is Obama’s fault.  Y’all want less government involvement, well that’s what got us this mess.  So STFU.  Or better yet, here’s a clue, you are full of shit.  Generally, I’m a big Carville fan, but quite honestly, I don’t know what he expects Obama to do.  I would like to think that Obama is beating the snot out of that turd that runs BP.  But does that Army have the equipment they need to do something about this?  Are they trained to work with this stuff?  And Bobby Jindal wants them down there to work on that?  I thought he wanted less Government involvement.  I’m so confused.  Of course if it was up to me Obama would have taken it over on day one, but then the same people who are critizing his perceived lack of involvement would be squacking that he was wasting taxpayer money. And I don’t really know that our Government has the wherewithall to get it any more right than BP has.

The politicians talk about how great this country is, but in truth, we’re a bunch of shysters.  We use the cheapest methods available and cut every single corner we can, while telling everyone how great it is.  And then everyone stands around wringing their hands when something goes south.  The “fail safes” on the rig, which was never supposed to sink in the first place, failed.  And it was off to the races.  Capturing and manufacturing petroleum is dangerous work.  Way too dangerous to be cutting corners, using cheap material and letting guys in board rooms who are beholden to Wall Street and the bottom line make decisions about stuff they don’t know about.  This “new” thinking that’s coming out of our MBA programs is stinking thinking.  An old friend of mine used to say “Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”

Right now I think the American worker is on the verge of losing over 100 years worth of progress because the greedy corporate shills are too busy lining their pockets.  I’m hearing more so-called “Christian” rhetoric in the public arena than I’ve heard in years, but I’m seeing more behavior from the same people that couldn’t be further from the teachings of the Bible.  It seems like a perfect storm to me.  Self righteousness, meet self loathing.  Let’s load up the hooka pipe and rock and roll.

This shit ain’t going away until we quit suckling on the tit of Big Oil.

I’ve been listening to the statistics coming out of Greece.  Another perfect storm of high deficit, lack of savings and graph.  We should be paying better attention.  We’re on the same path.  Of course Greeks retire at 55 with full benefits and most of us will be working into our 70’s.  At least the Euro keeps them from devaluing the drachma and forging ahead.

The nice thing about owning title company stock is that I get interesting information.  The Bloodless Empire is spinning off their CoreLogic unit.  I think the black out period starts on Friday.   It’s going to include in particular Metroscan.  Should be interesting how this all goes together.  It seems to me like they are spinning off the information services.  Yeah, we’ve seen that before.

I don’t watch American Idol.  Never have.  It’s on Fox.  I don’t watch Fox.  But this gal transcends all that.  24 years old. Amazing.

[youtube S8Ic90JkAQA]

Back when I lived in Santa Barbara, I used to go to this liquor store on Chapala.  I can’t remember the name of the place, and it’s long since gone.  They had a huge selection of beer and wine from all over.  That’s where I first got in to good wine and specialty beer.  That’s where I first had Belgian beer, which has become quite trendy.   Beer geeks turn up their noses at lagers, but I like them.  Always have.  I have repaid a kindness offered by the Heineken Brewing Company in Amsterdam back in 1979 probably a million times over.  The beer I really liked that I got there was called Brand.  From Belgium.  It came in a white bottle and it was just smooth and awesome.  That’s where I first learned of Samuel Smith.  Hanging around wine people has gotten me back in to beer too.  I’d been hearing a lot of talk about Pliney the Elder.  I was picking up a video the other day and I saw a case of it in the window of the Wine Thieves in Clayton.  I went in to grab one and started talking to the gal behind the counter.  She told me about this liquor store on Monument that supposedly had a lot of craft brews.  Yesterday I was down that way so I stopped in at Monument Wine and Spirits.  They are one of three businesses with the same ownership.  These guys also own Jackson’s Wine and Spirits in Lafayette, a local wine destination and Moraga Wine and Spirits.  The Moraga store specializes in spirits, and Monument specializes in beer.  How special?  Over 900 different beers.  That’s how special.  I picked up a Dieu du Ciel Aphrodite last night.  It’s a stout with cocoa and vanilla added.  Surprisingly smooth and black as night.  Had it with a grilled pork chop, my fresh maple whole wheat bread and picked from the garden salad for dinner.  Win.

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  1. “First G.M., then health care and now the Great Socialist Obama wants to nationalize oil!”
    That would be the call if the president seized the well and took over plugging the pipe. Instead we hear, “Obama’s Katrina”. Where was he? Why doesn’t he do more?”
    Truth is, this a clustershag of epic proportions. The energy sector is very fond of its bottom line and less fond of public responsibility. Our political “leaders” are very fond of campaign donations a less fond of holding contributors responsible (for anything). Our planet has many layers of life that can’t exist with a crude oil coating. The people of the gulf can’t live without the harvesting a lively hood from the gulf.
    This happened too deeply into the president’s overworked administration for him to escape culpability. The warnings were there. How many citations does it take to shut down a well or a mine? Are all citations equal? Shouldn’t the severity of the citation be multiplied by the complexity of the mine or well (or nuclear power plant)? Why hasn’t the administration asked for legislation that increases the risk to the lease/license holder and decreases the risk we the people share?
    For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.
    H. L. Mencken
    And so the Jindal’s, the Beck’s, the Palin’s of the world will provide upwards of 100,000 barrels of blame per day and they will provide a thimble’s worth of solution. We just want it cleaned up. We just want someone to care enough to do their job well so we don’t have suffer the physical harm of disaster and we don’t have suffer them emotional harm of all these ass clowns parading and screaming.

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