Experiences have a lasting impression

I’ve had a ridiculously long two days, and y’all get to hear about it.  There are really two linchpin events that matter.  First, yesterday, I took the BMW in to have the tires rotated.  Now last week it spent a few days over at M-Service.  This is never cheap.  It’s like a breath under sending it right to the BMW dealership for a service.  They’re independent but they can bend you over a financial barrel with the best of them.  Conversely, while business has been a little rough, they have been understanding and did the things that were mission critical and gave me a honey-do list for the rest.  It had a full service over there.  Those boys are thorough.  They have guys who are only in the office and they’ve been with the firm for a long time.  Not some dufus off the street.  They rent me a car for full services.  (partly because they don’t want to give me a ride back to my house 9 miles away)  But they give me one.  And I trust them.  I trust them with my BMW and I trust Mekatron with the Toyota and that’s saying a lot.  And they’ve never jacked me up.  When I got the inspection I could see that the reading for the front brakes was 7 and the back was 5.  You replace them at 2.  So Monday morning I take the car to Certified Tire Service, which used to be Rynck across the parking lot from the gym to have the tires rotated.  Simple job.  I was the third customer in.  Quite honestly I didn’t know the business had changed names until I came back to get it.  An hour and a half later.  It’s still on the rack.  This jerk-off excuse for a mechanic comes in and I say “Why is my car still on the rack?”  He replies “It needs brakes.”  No it doesn’t.  “Yes it does, do you want to go out here and see?”  Nope, there’s nothing to see it doesn’t need brakes.  “Your car needs brakes.”  Bullshit.  “Excuse me?”  Bullshit.  As a matter of fact, this is such bullshit that I want you to explain to me how that car went from not needing brakes last week at M-Service to needing brakes today at your shop.  “I don’t know but it needs brakes, maybe they missed it.”  Really?  M-Service the most expensive BMW service in Contra Costa County that isn’t a dealership missed an opportunity to squeeze another $1200 out of me?  I doubt it.  Put the goddamn car back together.   Then in comes the manager, Rick.  An ignorant fat bastard who can’t type into a computer and tried that lame customer service resolution dialog with me.  “I’m sorry you feel that way.”  I’m sorry you tried to steal from me.  “Why would you say that.”  Because it’s true?  “I’m sorry you’re so angry, you seemed like a nice lady when you first came in.”  Yeah, that was before you tried to take advantage of me and your dipshit mechanic lied to me.  I’m real nice before that shit starts.  A day later and I’m still pissed at those guys.  Dillwads like them are why I crack my teeth, which gets us to the second issue.

I was out on my ride on Sunday and it was just about time for a Shotblok.

For those who are not indoctrinated, Shotbloks are a carb and electrolyte replacement snacklet.  They have a gummibear like consistency.  And they can apparently pull a crown right out of your mouth.  Yep, first chew and I knew something was very wrong.  I didn’t bite down on the crown and pulled it right out of the jellied mess and stuck it in my pocket.  The remaining part of my tooth was jagged and spent all day Sunday and Monday gashing my tongue.  By this morning I was more than ready to get to the Dentist to get it cemented back in.  I researched local dentists and found a guy at the corner with rave reviews.  Now my old dentist is clear down in Livermore.  I’m not so sure about his skills.  This is the second root canal that he’s done that has failed.  The first one failed a year after it went in, resulting in a horrible infection, abscess and ultimately oral surgery for the removal of the tooth.  The whole process took over two weeks.  I don’t remember what he charged me for his part of the fix, the original root canal was $1500 not counting what my insurance company charged.  Then I went to a specialist who charged $180 before he threw up his hands and sent me to an oral surgeon who removed the tooth.  Under anesthesia.  To the tune of $2100.  So when this guy came in and said “Hey how long has this been out, your teeth seem to have moved.”  I’m like, uh, Sunday.  Rut roh.  Upon further inspection, it doesn’t fit because the tooth is coming apart.  The cement seal came loose or maybe the tooth wasn’t completely cleaned out when the crown went on, anyway, I need a second root canal and another crown.  $3500 total.  From my previous experience I wasn’t too red-hot to dump over a house payment into one tooth that in my mind I was going to lose anyway.  How much to pull it?  $217.  Buh-bye.  I didn’t really think it out much though.  They did it with Novocaine.  And once I realized what I had agreed to I got scared.  Really scared.  And then they pumped me up with Novocaine and started breaking up the tooth and tears were running into my ears and my heart was racing a thousand beats a minute and I thought maybe I should call this off.  Then I thought about dental implants and how it wouldn’t be a problem any more.  He noticed I relaxed and said something to me about it.  I’m acclimating.

Now I’m on a liquid diet for four days.  No milk products today but after the first 12 hours they’re fine.  I had tomato soup for dinner.  And this really cool stuff I found at Safeway.  Coconut milk non-dairy frozen dessert.  In chocolate it tastes just like German chocolate cake.  I’m telling you, this stuff rocks.  This ain’t going to be bad.

And yes, wine works right in with the liquid diet.

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  1. I’m pretty sure BAR has an online complaint form on their website. I highly recommend submitting a link to this. I happen to know they eat this shit up.

    As for the teeth, I have an exmanager who had hers out a couple of months back to prep for implants. All of her teeth. Just novacaine. I cannot even imagine. I am personally so glad SweetPea’s extraction was easy peasy. And that I was always knocked out for mine.

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