You set out to outrage but you can’t get arrested

There are not words for how much The Brother pissed me off today. He’s a really smart man and when he posts something up, it’s worth a look or two. He posted up this video, which comes with every freaking caveat and warning I could possibly assign to a video.  Now we both do the same thing, when we’re sent or see something that sends us to the moon, we do a little research.  And I did a little research.  What I found was that Police routinely murder family pets.  Basically they bust down around 100-150 doors a year, just like they did to this poor family in Missouri.  Yeah, the Columbia, Missouri Police Department shot a corgi to death.  A corgi.  The Queens freaking dog.  Then they shot a pit bull in a crate.  Yep, they shot a caged dog.  Because they were so threatened.  Every single officer on that raid should be relieved of duty and have their pension shitcanned.  Every freaking one of them because it was not proper use of a fire arm.  Furthermore, they should have their firearms all taken away because they do not understand proper protocol for a gun.  They are stupid and shouldn’t even be allowed around sharp objects, nevermind a firearm.

But they aren’t the only ones.  The Mayor of Berwyn Heights, Maryland was completely innocent and then entrapped by the Police.  They shot both of his dogs while they forced him and his mother-in-law to lay facedown next to their dogs who were laying in and finally died in pools of their own blood.  His crime was accepting a box that contained 32lbs of marijuana, which sat unopened on his kitchen counter!  Anyone that knows anything about drug dealing knows that they send the package to homes assumed to be empty during the day.  Yet this was the SWAT teams response, they shot his dogs.   He’s suing but that doesn’t bring his dogs back and everybody knows that dogs are property in the eyes of the law.  One of the dogs was running AWAY.  It’s time to get out God’s flashlight.

Let’s not forget, let us never forget Jax.  The crippled Doberman shot and killed by the New Orleans Police.  And NOPD defends the asshat.  Actually that’s what happens every time, the circle of blue closes and nothing is ever done.  The public is all worried about spay neuter bans and pit bull bans and the Police are shooting our dogs.  Don’t forget these jackasses.  Or worse yet, this asshole.

Or the Westlake, Ohio Police Department. Or Pacific, Missouri.  (Do watch the video, I think the cops are full of crap on that one)  Or how about these jackasses.  You know, Sonofabun’s rat terrier has bitten me three times.  I haven’t felt the need to shoot him yet.  How about Sgt David Bush who shot Smoak the family dog who was running around and wagging his tail. He is a man who should be thrown off the force and into jail.  He should never own a firearm for the rest of his life and God help him if it were my dog.  These assholes always say “self defense”, but it’s a bunch of bullshit and they need to be held accountable for their trigger happy behavior.  How about this idiot?  She’s right, it’s about accountability.  Don’t show the video to anyone?  Oh hell, put it on youtube.

When I moved to Concord I tried to tell our ignorant Police Department that my dogs are friendly and please don’t shoot them and all I got was the same sort of jackass response I’ve been typically getting from CPD every time I talk to them and ever since I moved to this town.  All I need is some drug dealer to decide that I’m the house they’re going to have their stash mailed to and it’s on.  PETA and HSUS and all the other ones are busy screwing around with screwball campaigns that marginalize animal protection while the Police are shooting family pets.  It is my biggest fear living here.  I’m not afraid of burglars or robbers or criminals, I’m afraid of the Concord Police.

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