The Pink Bunny is back!

After toiling away in the land of databases and localhosts and shiz that I just don’t really get, the problem was that the domain was pointed in the wrong direction. Kind of like those wind up toys that run into the wall and won’t turn. After a mere 10 minutes on the phone with 1and1 support, I’m good to go. The only reason it took 10 minutes was because the guy actually OFFERED to wait around to be sure what we did worked! OK, currently, I’m loving my provider.

The old blog has successfully imported so there’s stuff here that hasn’t been here before.  I’ll upload the other stuff over the next few days.

If you were a registered user, I’m sorry, you disappeared in the move.  Please come back. 🙂

2 Replies to “The Pink Bunny is back!”

  1. *grumble*

    OK, so, yeah… Who are you getting your service through? We may be needing a website by the end of winter, and I prefer using services when I know they’re good. And everyone else I know with an actual domain runs it on their own damn server.

    I’m so not that geek.

  2. I use Dude was sooo cool this morning. The problem getting the site back up was minor, but he took the time to wait to be sure everything came up like it should.

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