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She wants to make every stray a pet

One of the big questions being asked is “What are we doing in Afghanistan?”  Fear not, PBE is on the job.  Video from the front.

[youtube haHXgFU7qNI]

Don’t ask, don’t tell.

I just go back from Dunnigan, CA.  That’s where the hand off occurs for dogs heading north on the Doberman underground railroad.  I drove down to Pleasanton and picked up this poor little soul and drove her to Dunnigan where I handed her off and she is now resting comfortably in Red Bluff.

Her eyes are almost green.  I like this picture much better.  Ann was trying to get her interested in treats so we could trick her into getting into the crate.

I ended up shoving her butt into the crate and that was that.  We also had to wait for another dog from Sacramento that was an owner turn in.

On some levels I can understand that there is a lot of shit going on right now and it’s possible for people to have lost their homes and be in a situation where they can no longer keep a family pet.  Personally, I would live in my truck before I would give up one of my dogs.  That’s why I keep the truck.  (Which incidentally got registered yesterday)  I also think that getting a dog is not a decision to be taken lightly.  If you’re going to get a dog, you’d better be prepared to live in your truck or have other arrangements in place.  You don’t just give the dog back.  But people do.  Or they think somehow it’s better if they give it to a rescue.  It’s nice that rescues have gotten some good publicity and it’s thought of as a good thing, but really, most rescues are run on a shoestring, if that.  They’re not some government funded non-profit entity with benevolent providers.  They’re usually one or two people who really care about dogs or cats or horses or ferrets or bunnies and dedicate every penny they have to saving lives.  So when I see some jackass giving up their dog on craigslist and say “asking for a small rehoming fee” I think I believe that they are the lowest life form on this planet and should not be ever allowed to have another animal.  You’re not rehoming the dog you jackass, you’re dumping it.  When a rescue charges a rehoming fee, it’s so that they can feed the other 10-15 dogs or more that they are currently housing.  Dogs that have been pulled from shelters, SPCA’s, off craigslist so they aren’t used for bait and owner turn ins.  If you aren’t a rescue you don’t get a rehoming fee for dumping your dog.  You’re just a dirtbag.

Now with all the dogs out there that need homes, there’s a dog who has since passed away, but I can’t believe that this dog never found a permanent home and ended up living out his life in a sanctuary.  Newman.  I would have loved to have owned that dog.  Yeah I said owned.  I’m not the guardian, my dog doesn’t have any legal rights, I own them.  They don’t own me, they might run me, but they don’t own me.

Since I’m on the subject of dogs, Courage, a GSD who was left for dead.  But he had other ideas.  The poor animal was so starved he ate dirt.  His abuser has been caught.  I hope they put her in a crate in a garage for five weeks with no food or water.  OK, and let me come in and kick the crate every now and then.

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