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Begin…The Farm

About an hour ago, constructive notice occurred and I’m a homeowner again. I’ve bought another project and I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. The last place was Camp Dowhatchawannado. And everyone did. This place has nearly 1/4 acre of dirt. It will be The Farm. The garden will be installed over the weekend. The carpets will be pulled out, the shiteous bathrooms will be stripped and I will pray to the remodeling gods for no surprises. I can’t really afford any. I know the marvel of yet another pink bathroom will be a spectacle to behold. Photojournalism will be forthcoming.

As a Body for Life aside:

Weight 208

Fat 36.1

BMI 35.4

I feel another surge in the right direction coming on. I missed yesterday’s lifting. The stress of buying a home and mortgaging my entire future finally took it’s toll and I slept through the alarm, apparently for 90 minutes. Back in the saddle today, feeling great.

Happy Soltice to all!

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