Stuck on Stupid

What have I done?

I owe you and Jordan a final post on the wine, but I’ve come down with the flu so talking about wine isn’t interesting to me right now.  Give me a day or two. 

In other news the Concord Police came back and gave me yet another bullshit revenue generating piece of crap ticket.  I went out and told him I’d already been ticketed for the registration and I couldn’t afford to pay the registration right now.  He wrote it anyway.  And he was a pompous little jerk about it.  So I let loose on probably three or four years of aggravation on him.  I even positioned myself so he had to push me out of the way to get back into his car.  He would prefer I played musical chairs with my vehicles every day than just be understanding .  Happy Earth Day asshole.

[youtube MzZ1N9IuzJM]

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  • titleslug

    Completely off-topic!
    Seghesio is coming to Pleasant Hill Wine Merchants next Friday. If you can get there, go.
    If Pete is pouring his Pinot, it’s very nice. If he’s pouring Defiance, try it. It was very good. If he’s pouring Mariann’s reserve, that’s an awesome! You know their zins. The San Lorenzo and Rockpile are fantastic.
    They have both Albarino and Fiano. They’re worth trying, too.

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