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We’ll be real world bachelor jackass millionaires

Hoo boy it’s been busy around here.  Here’s some bon mots and cheap shots.  First, stolen from TriMarni

[youtube 7NoWAd58-ps]

Way back in probably November or December of 2007 when I did my first transport I went down to Los Gatos and met a very famous Doberman breeder who had two trainwrecks in her truck.  She’d gone to Merced to get one and I think she might have gone all the way to Santa Maria to get the other one.  Of course Rita was the Santa Maria dog. The other dog was a big red named Honz.  He was a sweet, dopey dog.  Everybody thought I’d want Honz, but he didn’t have that devilment that I like, Rita did.  I knew that sweet boy would get a good home and he did.  Sadly, he bloated Saturday night.  The damage was so bad that he was PTS on the table.  Godspeed Honz, I know you were a good dog.

I’ve gotten some questions about the cycling.  My answer is it’s been rainy and crappy here.  And I don’t have to ride in crappy weather if I don’t want to.  I’ve been out several times a week, that’s for sure, I just haven’t started working up to the long epic rides yet.  Some of my riding pals are making noises about the Tour de Napa.  That’s in August and makes sense.  Quite honestly closings have been so slow that I haven’t been able to pay the entries.  The jury is currently out on the LiveStrong, although if I can swing it, I’ll get that one going.

I’ve also taken a break from powerlifting.  Not because I’m ready to retire from it or anything but because thirteen years of doing the same thing has taken its toll on my body.  As a matter of fact, if you see the March 2010 Powerlifting USA magazine, I’m on page 85.  But for now, I’m doing crossfit right now primarily because it’s something different every day and there is a sort of accountability there.  I am having to do the scaled workouts, and today’s for example will nearly kill me, but I’m keeping at them because I know the more I do something the better I get at it.  Crossfit has a lot of Olympic moves and a lot of broken down versions of Olympic moves.  They don’t bench press very often which is why every now and then I’ll go to max just to keep the muscle memory going, but they do lots of Deadlifts, Power Cleans, Clean and Jerks, Snatch Power Clean and Jerk etc.  I had never done a Snatch Balance before and those were on the menu last Tuesday.  It is essentially a movement that teaches the body balance if you fail on a heavier weight.  I did pretty good with them, but for a new movement, I really liked doing them.  Check’em out.

[youtube WlabYlMkJyw]

The interesting thing with crossfit is that I’ve been working harder in the gym and being able to work harder on the yard before my back starts giving me troubles.  While I don’t have any of it under control, I do have most of the weeds knocked down in the front yard, some of the tree trunk dug up, about half of the weeds knocked down in the back yard and most importantly of all some fava beans starting to grow in the garden.  I’m about two weeks away from having enough of my own lettuce to stop buying it in the store.  Looking forward to that day again.  The regular compost pile is progressing as it should, the dog crap experiment is not going so well.  These guys crap a lot.  A LOT.  Might have to move to Plan B on that one.  Sometimes I wish these guys would crap on command like Beauregard did.  Now that was a good dog.

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