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They all drowned when the air turned blue

This would be a total drive by this morning if I didn’t have so many tasty little morsels.  First up, oopsey.  Bill Foley overcharging customers, imagine that?  And wait a minute boys, did you think the elimination of affirmative insurance for creditors rights was really going to slip by me?  It didn’t.  That was one of the good things in working for the Bloodless Empire.  Their National Underwriter (who is of course long since gone) actually understood creditor’s rights and because I was smart enough to pick his brain, so do I.  Just for the record, I really hate all the people out there who attempt to write about subjects that they don’t bother to research.  I may have an opinion, but at least it’s based in facts.  On to today’s “that’s going to leave a mark” segment Bank of America sues First American Insurance Corp for failing to provide proper title searches.  Did they finally read a title report?  Don’t get me going on banks and their procedures this morning.  I’d just love to run in to someone who knew how to negotiate properly.  That would be gold.  Compared to some corporate monkey who can’t do anything that isn’t filled out in a spreadsheet that they were handed the day they took their $22k a year job.  I realize on some levels this is a response to corruption, but at some point you need to give your people the freedom to do what’s right.  At the end of the day, more often than not, they will do the right thing and the organization will prosper.  Just sayin’.  And look who’s snuggled up with Satan Bill Gates.  I have so many different passwords for every freaking website I have to work with and all my banks and credit cards.  What was your first dog’s 2nd cousin’s middle name?  Uh Bert?  Uh Henry?  How the hell should I know?  What’s your favorite color?  Well, it depends if I’m in a black mood or feeling the green, sometimes I like yellow best.  The third letter of your eldest sibling’s third child?  Now we get Microsoft asking us “Are you sure you want to answer that you don’t have an eldest sibling and this phanthom sibling has no children?”  Yes, goddammit Bill Gates, I’m sure I want to do what I told you eight friggin’ times that I wanted to do it!  Now quit asking me inane questions.

Two very interesting people passed on to the great beyond this week.  Wilma Mankiller was only 64.  She lived about six lives stuffed into one.  It took pancreatic cancer to take her down.  NPR played part of an interview with her from 2003 where she spoke about surviving a head on collision.  She talked about looking at death essentially straight in the eye and not being afraid.  And about the nurse straddling her in the ambulance yelling at her to stay here.  Malcolm McLaren lost his battle with cancer yesterday.  Love him or hate him or both, which seemed to be the case, he was interesting and changed the landscape of music.

[youtube 9SgvJY9xxcA]

In other news, Bubba had a re-check this week for his gut.  [back story here for newbies]  He was out of Prednisone and they wanted to look at him before I got any more steroids for my dog.  For some reason unknown to me, I thought it was a good idea to wean him off of the pred as I got to the end of the prescription.  So I went to a half a pill and then a half a pill every other day, then every third day and then there were none.  He did ok but I got scared and took him in for the re-check anyway.  Dr. Johnson checked him out and said that he was going to give him some but he wanted me to wean him off of them.  Uh, I already did that.  Encina is a teaching hospital so he had two very eager little interns running around.  I mentioned that Bubba also had a, we’ll call it a “thing” on the end of his manlihood.  Maybe a pimple, maybe a little abscess, but bad enough that I figured since we were there they should look at it.  Poor Bubba.  The interns poked and prodded and then decided to aspirate it, take a smear and check out the slide.  Bubba showed what a great dog he is by just laying there (on the people couch) and letting them assault his maleness.  It’s nothing so a short run of antibiotics so it doesn’t get anywhere else it should be and he’ll be back in the saddle so to speak.

And if you had any questions as to why I change clothes the minute I walk into the house, this should clear that up.

Housekeeping note: The data base update left funky symbols in some of the older posts.  Since there is around 1200 posts on this blog and WordPress doesn’t seem to have a suitable work around I’ll be slowly going through the archives and getting the funky symbols out of there.  Do not adjust your dial.  It’s mySql acting an ass, nothing wrong with your machine.


  • OldTitleGuy

    Interesting link to the article on Creditors Rights. When you read that, especially the section on what a lender should be investigating, it makes you wonder what the lenders were doing before.. FTR I am very happy that the title industry is not going to continue with insuring over creditors rights. It’s essentially a credit matter, and (In my not-so-humble opinion) was an effort to cover up bad loan underwriting.

  • Wine Dog

    I wonder how many local offices are buckling to lender pressure on that one. We were still getting requests for ALTA 1970 policies in 2008 and one of the authors of the 2006 sat down the hall from me.

  • rockymtntitle

    Check out the FNF executive compensations for 2009-Foley up 170%.
    Employee down 10% and holding.

  • justdafacts

    Foley did the same thing in the mid-90’s and yet the people stay working tons of overtime and too scared to put it on their timecards for fear of being laid off. Really its a joke that anyone with a decent book of business stays at Fidelity. Old Repulsive seems to be the only decent company out there. I guess they saved their money over the years (8.8 billion) and they act like they understand this is just part of a business cycle. Long term vs. short term business models. Career vs. Job. Meanwhile Foley keeps getting richer and the employees keep losing their assistants and their pay. Some people love to be abused.

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