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It’s because she’s got the whooping cough and eats margarine

A little something for the Brother.  And it’s funny as hell.

To pick up from where we were yesterday, Food Inc., is about how food arrives to us in this country.  It talks about how McDonalds and such dictate how chickens are to be grown, how beef is to be grown and how food is delivered to us in this country.  I will confess that I could not clean a fish so I had to stop fishing.  I don’t know how I could ever clean a duck or a chicken or a turkey.  I suppose if I had to I would, but I don’t have to so I don’t.  The same with cattle.  I was talking to my Dad the other day about how the quality of game is determined with how it’s treated in the field.  I have a friend who is a very good hunter.  I have had venison and elk and salmon and abalone that he has bagged.  I am sure that the reason why his game is so superior to other hunters is his skill in the field.  I’ve got no skills.  I’d be eating gamey steaks.  The point of the movie is how we’ve changed nature and how that isn’t good for us.  It’s interesting how we are living longer, but much less healthy lives.  And as Americans we think it’s our God given right to be waddling sloths.  For some reason we no longer take responsibility for our health.  We expect the Doctors to just fix whatever it is we messed up and keep on going.  The Unknown Chef has an excellent rant on this.  All these people who don’t want to pay for this or that.  Hey!  I don’t want to pay for a bunch of people who are living on chicken mcnuggets and fries and smoking Lucky Strikes and swilling a suitcase of PBR every night.  How about that?

So in an effort to get myself a little more back on track I did some reading.  High Fructose Corn Syrup.  I never really paid much attention to it before.  It’s a sugar.  I get that.  What else do I need to know?  Well, it’s an engineered sugar which makes it more along the lines of the pink stuff or the blue stuff or the yellow stuff which is really chlorine bleach.

I know.  Y’all love me for that one.  So naturally all of this has got me to thinking.  Way back in the day when I first started lifting weights I got a book by Franco Columbu.  He was Arnold’s business partner, a good friend and Mr. Olympia back then.  He’s also a chiropractor.  I followed his program for women for a long time.  He was born in Italy and his nutritional advice is something I keep coming back to.  I have the 1982 version of his book.  Low-fat lean proteins, including milk, yogurt and cheese.  Variety.  He also talked about eating the salad after the dinner.  I started having my salad after the main meal back then and still do it today.  He also talks about eating real food.  Don’t have margarine, it’s an engineered product.  Eat butter, it’s a natural product.  Your body knows how to handle it.  Better still, olive oil, because that’s how he was raised.  28 years later it’s still sage advice.  It’s one of the reasons I stick to wine and imported or craft beer.  So I’m going to give up the coffee creamer and go back to 1/2 and 1/2.  I guess I could get fatter, but I think with less HFCS it might have the opposite affect.

And I went shopping at Whole Foods where something amazing happened.  I went to the San Ramon store yesterday after showing property.  I was out of vitamins and had decided to get some organic fruit, bulk flour for my bread and some other small inconsequential items.  OK! Jesus!  I got a fricking cupcake OK?  Anyway, it came to around $30.  Just as the transaction was about to be done the terminal froze.  The clerk punched furiously at the buttons, nothing.  Another clerk came and pushed some buttons, nothing.  She suggested he crawl under the counter and check the connections.  She then got the people in line behind me and moved them over to another terminal.  And there I stood.  Easily 10 minutes had passed.  They couldn’t get the machine back up.  Everything was already bagged.  I figured I was headed to another register to wait in line again and take everything out of the bag and put it back in.  Because that’s what you want to do at the end of your day right?  Then something amazing happened.  The young man said to his manager, can we just let her have this?  It was only $30 bucks.  And they did.  They sent me on my way.  No charge.  Customer service win.  That’s how you fix a lousy situation.  Nice job Whole Foods.  Nice job San Ramon crew.  A happy customer tells 3 people, an unhappy one tells ten.  But a happy Wine Dog broadcasts it on the internets.  Whole Foods, San Ramon Crew, FTW.


  • dolphyngyrl

    I’ve been using the half and half and raw sugar when I get coffee out. And it’s not like I make any at home. I’d love to find a local dairy and just buy fresh cream. I think that’d be super. Milk tastes gross to me, but I’ll bet fresh cream would be a totally different story.

    I’m totally not driving to San Ramon for quinoa, but that was just awesome of them!

  • lidarose

    I’m originally from Wisconsin. Back in the 1950’s and ’60s a person could not purchase “fake” dairy products, such as margarine, or ice milk, rather than ice cream within the state. You had to order out from Chicago for margarine. Some people did this…it was the most foul substance you could imagine. I never understood why anyone would spread their bread with margarine.

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