It's all Reagan's fault,  Rant

You look so angry as I crawled across your floor

You know the downfall of this country is going to have nothing to do with Obama.  It’s going to have to do with lack of education, racism and hatred.  Did you know that there are more groups dedicated to racism and hatred in this country now than there were 10 years ago.  We’ve created a culture where it’s ok.  It’s ok to yell “liar” at the President of the United States when he’s delivering his State of the Union address.  If that was ok, then why did no one yell it about the phantom WMD’s?  Or are y’all still jackstepping to Karl Rove and Dick Cheney?  They manufactured intelligence, just like they manufactured intelligence for Viet Nam.  And then they lied about what happened on the ground, just like they did in Viet Nam.  Did they forget that the truth did come out about Viet Nam?  Do they think it won’t come out now with 24 hour news stations?  And of course Faux News, who won’t report anything that any conservative or Republican gets wrong anywhere.

The downfall of this country will be guys like these assholes.

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Hereis the full report and interestingly enough if you look at the people hollering against health care, I’ll show you a bunch of people of Medicare.  I think Congress missed the mark because I think we should have gone to a single payer system.  Actually, I would rather pay what I pay for health insurance in extra taxes and have the thing actually work.  Mandating the purchase of insurance seems to me to be fraught with peril.  Corporate executives in this country always find a way to jack the public for their own personal gain and I can’t imagine that the same slimey bastards who have been screwing us for years won’t figure out a way to continue to stick it to the general public.  But that’s just because I grew up in the Viet Nam era when the country spent a lot of time lying to us.  Kind of like the Bush era.

But the thing that bothers me the most it the outright viciousness of the extreme right and how it has trickled down into the Republican Party.  It doesn’t help that the victim was a Parkinson’s patient.  He was also a former nuclear engineer who has been debilitated by the disease.  And this health care bill will help him.  Next to Lou Gehrig’s, I would say that being debilitated by Parkinson’s is one of the worst things that could happen to you.  I never got to play golf with my father.  Like Letcher, he is trapped in a body that won’t work for him any more.  As for Chris Reichert, the dirtbag who threw dollar bills at Robert Letchert the Parkinson’s patient, it’s between him and his God.  He better hope his God is the forgiving one and not the unforgiving one the extreme right likes to extol.  Because he’s in some deep shit if his God is unforgiving.   Reichert whines that “people are hunting for me”.  Well, jackass, hate begets hate.  You showed who you are and now you get to sleep in that bed.  Personally, I think that fact that he is scared for his life is the only reason he said he was remorseful.  Little does he realize that the last liberals to get it together enough to actually do any damage were the SLA.

The other thing that infuriates me about the recent behavior is that the idiots who are acting like this have no idea what they’re talking about.  Last night I saw someone say that Lincoln was a Republican and George Wallace was a Democrat.  What they don’t understand is that the evolution of the Republican party that Lincoln was a member of has now become the DNC of today.  And George Wallace was a Dixiecrat and most of those guys are Republicans now.  They have no idea who John Lewis really is or what he’s done for this country.   And if God forbid he was morbidly ill not one of the Tea Klansmen BaggersPartiers would be qualified to carry that man’s drool bucket.  As for Barney Frank, if they knew anything beyond the bullshit rhetoric they read on the Internet they would know that even Congress calls him the most partisan and the most bipartisan Member of Congress.  Translation, he’s the biggest lightening rod.  And he’s a big old Queen.  And tough as nails like a Massachusetts Congressman should be.  And he’s good for Massachusetts.  And he’s good for America.  Did you know that Barney Frank has consistently supported the Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment?  That’s the one that would prohibit the DoJ from prosecuting medical marijuana patients.  How is this good?  Decriminalization is the first step towards taxation.  Imagine not spending all the money that we spend to track down pot dealers/smokers?  Then imagine getting 8.5% on the sales?  How many gazillion dollars will that save the government?  Frank fights tirelessly for the republic, if they knew about his accomplishments on both sides of the aisle, well, they’re too stupid to understand.  He was attacked for being gay.  “I’m used to being in the minority.  I’m a left-handed gay Jew.  I’ve never felt, automatically, a member of any majority”.  He said that in 1996.  The Tea Klansmen aren’t qualified to speak to Mr. Frank.  They are bullies.  Hateful, racist, bigoted bullies.

Of course I blame all this crap on Reagan.  I lay it firmly on his doorstep.  He wasn’t the Great Communicator.  He was an actor.  His rhetoric led this country away from a place of responsibility in this world and to a place of Me, Me, Me.  Because the 8o’s were the Me, Me, Me generation.  And we taught our children that.  And now there’s a whole segment of this population who are so self entitled that they behave as if they are the only individual on the planet and the rest of us are there to serve them.  It’s time as a nation we rejected this and got back to who were are supposed to be.  This country was founded on the freedom of religion and the rejection of taxation by England.  We were a nation of approximately 2.5 million people, in 13 little States.  With that growth some things need to change.  And some will remain the same.  Freedom of religion means something different today than it did in 1776.  Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were slave holders.  Human bondage is not something to be proud of.  The King got richer with the taxation back then.  Now taxation results in services.  Not the same.  And there was no electricity back then.  Most homes had no floors.  Most people lived in very cramped quarters with several generations of the family.  Doctors didn’t discover until 1847 that simply washing their hands before delivering a baby dramatically reduced the death rate in the new mothers.  The world has changed.  You can’t have it both ways.  It’s like a Chinese menu.  Pick a little from here and the little from there and know that the other people at the table are going to have something different than you.

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  • OldTitleGuy

    A thing that I find interesting about the whole health care issue is that is it concentrated on who pays the bills. Where is the dialogue about the folks that CREATE the bills? As an uninsured, I have to pay going rates for doctors, etc. My understanding is that the insurers pay about 40 percent of that.
    I went into the ER for kidney stones a while back. Got a CT scan. Five thousand dollars. (that was just for the scan and the radiologist, not the total bill). My wife got a CT scan a while back from a radiology group. Eight Hundred Fifty dollars. Why the difference? Dunno. Certainly wasn’t the level of complexity.

  • dolphyngyrl

    If the ER serves people not likely to ever pay for the services, your CT scan cost more, in part, to help them cover some of those costs. Which is also how you can end up with a $100 aspirin. The radiology group would likely not have the same problem, as they’re more likely to NOT serve someone who can’t pay.

    Also, WineDog, you forgot the part about halfway through the meal everyone passes their plate to the next person so you get to try something you didn’t order! 🙂

  • Wine Dog

    Jesus Christ OTG, I just got done with one rant and now I have to move on to another one. Because that pisses me off too. The sweetheart deals the insurance companies negotiate. Although I’ve heard of people negotiating before going in…

    Kidney stones. Ouch.

  • BowlerGirl

    Yeah, kidney stones are no fun. Passed stones twice – 1995 and 2001. One was the night before I was supposed to take my EIT (Engineer in Training 8hr test, 1 day) – went to ER at 8pm at night, didn’t get home till 1am, and I lived 2 miles away from the ER at the time; needless to say – I didn’t take the exam.

    I have 2 girls. I don’t have the bill for #1 but looking at hospital bill for #2 (after adjustments) –

    Room & Board: $10,400 (2 nites but she was born at 7pm so it counted as the first night)

    Drugs, Labs and Sterile Supply: $4224 – got charged for the epidural but the d*** anesthesiologist didn’t get there until it was too late – I was ready to deliver. She still took 1.5 hrs to introduce herself.

    Labor & Delivery: $8600

    Before Insurance adjustment: $38,000 – and that was just for me

    For my baby (after adjustments):

    Room & Board: $5,200 (hello – she stayed in the room with us! Hubby on a pull-out in the room)

    Labs and Hearing Test: $481

    Before Insurance adjustments for her: $11,400.

    So before insurance, $50k to have a healthy baby in a hospital. That’s crazy. Good forbid I get sick – and the Big C is in my family, mother died from Breast Cancer 9 yrs ago, Dad is undergoing prostate cancer treatment, don’t know about my dad’s side but on my mom’s side – one brother died from metastatic Prostate Cancer last year, another brother currently undergoing treatment for metastatic prostate cancer and her only sister currently undergoing treatment for Ovarian cancer. Oh, and don’t forget the history of diabetes too.

    My girls will have to watch it because on their dad’s side – mother is 14 yr BC survivor, his maternal grandmother died from BC, his maternal grandfather died from PC, and history of cholesterol and blood pressure problems on his dad’s side.

    Looking at this history – doesn’t sound like insurance would want to take the gamble… Thank god we can still get it. Who knows in the future….

  • titleslug

    Two thoughts –
    The Viet Nam era collapsed when the Republican leadership told Nixon we can’t cover for you (Watergate). Here’s the door. Today’s Republicans (and FoxNews) would never turn on one of their own. While I blame many, many things on Reagan, acute partisan meanness isn’t one of them. Roger Ailes and Lee Atwater were at the helm of George H.W. Bush’s campaign, in 1988. They came up with the Willie Horton ads. They came up with the ads featuring Michael Dukakis in a tank as a way to point and laugh at him. They were fresh and they were mean. As you know, Mr. Ailes created and runs FauxNews.
    Second, A few years I was hospitalized for 4 days. I had insurance. I saw the whole bill when the hospital screwed up and they sent it to me. $33,000. My insurance sent me a explanation of benefits. They paid $.33/dollar, $10K AND they got the hospital to refund my co-pay! I had insurance because I had a job. I had income. If I had no job and no way to pay, they’d charge me 3X? Somethin’s wrong an more things are mean.

  • Wine Dog

    You’re right the meanness came with George H.W. Bush, but the acute partisanship I really think started with Reagan. And more than anything all that me, me, me crap.

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