Body for Life

Some aftermath:

Beauregard’s personal Dog Park

My dog thinks I bought him a dog park. He might be the happiest Doberman in the State of California.


Portion control

I am a believer in portion control. I think it’s the key to Body for Life. I’m always amused by people who write in questioning the idea of keeping portions to fist or palm size. The best comment is “but my hands are so small”. Hey Mr. Nuclear Scientist, maybe that’s why you’re fat. So here’s a steak dinner with perfect portions.


Yeah, that steak rocked. And yes, I have great placemats.

More about Jesus

Originally, Jesus wanted $1700 to take out the two maple trees. After spending 15 minutes with me, he took them out for $1200, and stacked the wood for me. I am planning on building a smoker on the farm. With perfect astrological alignment, the smoker will be complete exactly when the wood is perfectly seasoned.


Kanga Roofing?

The roofers started today. Check it out:


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