Bush is a Moron,  It's all Reagan's fault,  Stuck on Stupid

Who’s crying now?

Well, they did it.  And I really hope they got it right.  The Republican Party does not have any idea what the American people want or need.  They don’t know what our lives are like.  They are rich bastards.  It’s all good for them.  Strangely, I think Carly Fiorina gets it.  She was faced with the worst diagnosis she could have gotten but because of her station in life, her existence was spared. For the most part I think she’s ineffectual and during her tenure, I thought she was what was wrong with HP, but I think she gets what’s wrong.  At the end of the day, I really hope that the American people win here.  Remember, the Wine Dog can’t get insurance because Randy Sierra is an ignorant bastard I had that bout with tachycardiomyopathy.  I have insurance with the Board at a rate of $300 a month with a $2700 deductable.  Think someone in Kansas could afford that?  Nope.

I am sad that Teddy Kennedy didn’t get to see this.  His absence is palpable.  Half of this rhetoric never would have occured under Teddy’s watch.  But they did it, and they got it passed.  Rest in peace Senator Kennedy.  You are missed tonight.

Let’s see, some of my favorite quotes of today…from the Ignorant Wench from the State of I can’t Remember who said that the members of the military didn’t want the government to mess with their Tricare.  Hello?  Stupid.  You don’t want the government to mess with the military’s government health care?  Idiot.  Seriously, how stupid do you have to be?  It’s not like I can sign up for it.  And good on the Gentleman from California who said that the American People deserve the same health care that is afforded Congress.  Yes we do.

And really, these guys quoted Reagan and Jerry Ford.  Seriously, one woman quoted Jerry freaking Ford.  That guy’s role was to keep the seat warm for the next guy.  That’s it.  Do I have to talk about WIN buttons again?  Don’t make me go there.

And now for a moment on the subject of racism.  I almost went all postal on this but I have decided to dial it back.  Devin Nunes (R-CA) defended the TeaKlansman and their racial and bigoted attack on Barney Frank, Emanuel Cleaver and John Lewis saying that “When you use a totalitarian tactics, people, you know, begin to act crazy”.  Where was this wetback Representative during the Bush Administration?  How quickly we forget eight years of “shut up we know what’s best for you” even though they got us into an illegal war that we shoudln’t be in.  WMD?  No such thing.  Which really makes Saddam Hussein’s execution questionable and possibly murder by the Bush Administration.  And I’m not talking about the suspected terrorists they murdered in custody.  Want to talk about tyrannical?  How does it feel being the bus boy on the other side?  Pot kettle black.  You are way out of bounds Mr. Nunes.  The time to resign is now.  You can’t swim?  I’m sure there are still holes in the fence between here and Tijuana.  Yeah, how does it feel?

The TeaKlansman are a bunch of racist, bigoted assholes.  They aren’t smart enough to even understand why they are so wrong.  Not only that, their banner was created by a Progressive Palestinian.  You guy’s are really idiots.  Here’s a quote from the Moron from the Great State of Wisconsin Paul Ryan tonight.  The country’s founders believed in nature’s god.  If so, then the fundamentalist Christians are out.  Way out.  Because nature’s god equals paganism.  Dumbass.  That’s how stupid our Congress is.  But we aren’t educating the public so what do we expect?

Years ago, The Brother said that Dan Quayle’s roll was to lower expectations of the American people so Bush I’s idiot son could be elected.  Sounds like it worked.


  • titleslug

    It’s 1:47 AM. I’m up reading Winedog because I’m diabetic. My sugars crashed about 15 minutes ago, so I’m nursing a cup of orange juice until my head stops spinning and my tongue stops tingling. To my insurance company, my pre-existing insurance is keeping me up. Perhaps pre-existing condition will be as meaningful to me as Polio was to my parents; it was scary and real, but it’s in our past.
    My last thought on the process goes those who thought this bill was about abortion. I read an email from Michael Moore. In it he says that France has a lower abortion rate than the U.S. Assuming that’s true, a country where abortion is paid for by government health care has a lower rate than the U.S. where many cities and counties don’t even have a Women’s health care provider who will perform an abortion. France’s “socialist” health care system also pays for birth control. When given a choice of birth control (as part of medical care) and abortion, women will choose birth control. Yesterday’s vote was a step in getting poor women birth control (AND health care). Abortion laws only affect poor women. The rich and the middle class can send their sisters and daughters to countries, like France, where abortions are legal and safe. When abortion is illegal, poor women die.
    Finally; No Democrat, No Republican! In 2008, the voice of the voter was clear and angry- CHANGE DAMN IT! Both parties have ignored the our unified voice. The Democrats and the Republicans have governed this country for over 150 years. The past 30 have been terrible. Both parties covet money and both parties yield to pressure to keep the money taps open. Both parties have an insatiable appetite for money so they can run expensive election campaigns. We have to take back our government. We have to end the era of government for sale. The easiest way to accomplish this is No Republican, No Democrat! If we send none of them back to their offices, we’ve created the change. Find a candidate you like (who is neither Democrat or Republican) and get involved in their campaign. Require they make passage of public elections, paid for buy the public for the public, their top priority. Making a donation to an office holder or a candidate should be called what it is, A BRIBE (all disrespect to Justice Roberts intended). People and companies should be free to donate money to a public election fund. Candidates’ campaigns will be financed from this fund. Candidates will have free access to the public airwaves (and cable). Only then will we be begin to enjoy representative government. Remember No Democrat, No Republican!
    Phew- my hands are still shaking, but my sugars have normalized.

  • WineWonkette

    WineDog. You da Man. You da Woman. You say it like it T – I is. A fine commentary on the bullshit that has become the American political system. A-Fuckin-men

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