Boycott Foley Family Wines,  Title Insurance

I guess my race is run

Miss me?  Yeah, I know.  I suck.  Actually, you have no idea how much I suck.

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After the BMW blew up in Pittsburg and I got railroaded by the Authorities a few other choice events occurred, I got myself into a First Class nosedive.  I was in a flat spin heading out to sea.  I mean seriously, you can fight the Man for so long and then be Alfred E. Neuman for so long and then all of the sudden some SOB comes along and blows down your house of cards.  Well.  There you have it.  I did everything I could think of to shake off the funk but it would not go away.  I even considered going to work for someone.  And then it hit me, like a hot kiss at the end of a cold fist.  Actually, I slipped off a curb, rolled my ankle and ended up on my ass.  Yep.  Flat broke ass splat on the pavement.  As I picked myself up I was thankful that nothing seemed broken, because I can’t afford to go see a Dr.  If it was broke, it was going to stay broke.  I had no choice.  But then something strange happened.  It was like the universe was done screwing with me and once I picked myself up, it was all over with.  I was hurt, but out of my funk.  My right knee and my right elbow are pretty swollen, but they’re going to be alright.  And I’m back to my usual obnoxious self.  And I own those bitches dammit.  So, without further ado, a letter to Bill Foley.

Dear Bill you rat bastard Mr. Foley,

How dare you!  You have just cut staff again and you have just reduced their pay again.  All in service to your Wall Street gods.  Shame on you!  Right now most of the poor schmucks staff that work for you are making about the same as a clerk at Trader Joe’s, which isn’t even a union shop.   So they aren’t making dick.  Your marketing bullshit says that your staff “”takes pride in title and escrow services that meet customer demands for efficient and timely processing and quality products.”  No they don’t.  They’re fighting for their lives.  They can’t make their house payments, they can’t pay their bills and with the bump in insurance they can’t insure their families.  They are over worked and woefully underpaid.  Enough.  To quote one of your County Managers “He’s sitting up there overlooking his vineyards sipping on his wine while everybody down here is struggling”.  Yes Bill, I know you said “profits are at 1993 levels so pay will be at 1993 levels”.  OK, why don’t you call up the assholes at Exxon and have them drop the price of gas to 1993 levels.  And then when you’re done with that roll back my mortgage to 1993 levels.  I was paying $800 a month for housing in 1993, that ought to work for me today.  How about that dumbass?  And while we’re at it, let’s roll back your compensation to 1993 levels.  How do you like me now eh?  You disgust me Mr. Foley.   And that is why I boycott your wine and that is why I advocate the boycott of your wine to the wine community.  One day they’ll understand, but for now, you are a rank bastard who single handedly ruined an honorable profession.  Shame on you.

Just think what he’ll do to the wine business, another honorable profession that he’s got his slimy fingers in.  Boycott Foley Family Wines

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  • Skip-itty-doodah

    I’d boycott his swill but unfortunately I can’t afford it in the first place…I’m a title guy.

    I see it this way unemployment at 20% plus…under employment at 70% plus…seems the “middle class” evaporated (due to the rat bastards)…tic..tic…’s coming…’s going to get ugly…”Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition”…Bill you might have been better off buying The Winchester Company in hind sight?…

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