Home Improvements

No interest, no payments for 12 months, no problem

Could it have happened at a better time? I think not. I ordered the slate today. It’s going to weigh a ton when it comes in. That’s going to be a work out. I have to pick it up in Benicia. I should make Tile Boy get it with me. If he reads this I’m toast. I ordered the tile for the bathroom. It’s called Brazilian something or other green. It’s a dark color, best used in a larger room. I don’t care. It’s my bathroom and after leaving mine undone for 7 years at Toyon, it’s getting done first here.

The kitchen is another whole story. So here are the countertops:


It’s going on probably coffee colored cabinets. The appliances will be white. The thing I miss most from Toyon is the kitchen so I decided to build this up close to Toyon. I essentially bought the same oven:


It’s a Kitchenaid and I will kill them if I have problems with it like I did with my dishwasher. Part of me is afraid of them, but I think at the end of the day, they’re all the same. Here’s the microwave that will double as a hood, since there isn’t room for both.


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