Velvet ropes and guitars

I’ve been powerlifting since 1998.  In the last 13 years I’ve seriously kicked some butt in the AAU, USPL and a couple of other organizations.  I hold 24 records in the AAU.  I’ve been a top 20 and sometimes top 5 lifter in various organizations over the last 13 years.  I am arguably one of the more prolific woman powerlifters out there.  And my body has been taking the toll for it.  Basically my pecs are so developed that it’s pulling my shoulder girdle forward and making my shoulders hurt all of the time.  Conversely, powerlifting is why my back works at all.  I was having terrible troubles and I started deadlifting.  Because that’s what you do when your back hurts.  Okay, maybe not.  That’s what I do.  Other people probably listen to their Doctor.  Anyway, for the first time in 13 years I’ve decided to take a six month break from powerlifting.  I have lifted the same way with minor adjustments for the last 13 years and that was probably not such a great idea.  I’m going to lift in October, but until mid summer, I’m not going to powerlift at all.  Because I have such a better idea.

Crossfit.  Yep, I managed to find something more radical than powerlifting.  I started this three weeks ago in earnest.  Mentally I was just spent with the powerlifting.  Crossfit is an entirely different animal.  Basically, every evening I go to this website and see what the next day’s work out is.  They scale the workouts there.  I can’t do an unassisted pull up and some of the other stuff is way more than I can do right now.  But every evening it’s like opening up a new present.  Let’s see what tomorrow holds.  Yeah, sometimes I’m pretty sore from the workouts.  Generally, I can’t run with the Big Dawgs yet.  But that’s the goal.  And something different has been pretty interesting.


  • Skip-itty-doodah

    Ya…all that healthy excercise ruins you eventually…kind of an oxymoron and a catch 22 all rolled into one ain’t it?

    Healthy Body Builders?..NOT..sure egg whites, chicken, veggies and collard greens are great until you wash them all down with a syringe full of bull semen!…okay aweful mental picture…but the truth of steriods is even uglier!…

    be careful Winedog…the joints are worn and weak now…and pretending we can be what we were 10 years hence…is no longer an option…a smart old man once told me “I wish I could remember to forget those good times”…oh wait I said that…

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