Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

And when the coyotes escape to New York

Today’s subject is disgusting.  Absolutely disgusting.  And clicking these links should piss you off.  A lot.  I don’t necessarily know what the solution to the coyote problem is, but I know that what they’re doing in these links is animal cruelty.  If a coyote is killing a herd, I get that is an issue.  Shoot it.  That’s humane.  What’s happening here is no different than gang bangers baiting their pit bulls.

And that’s wrong.

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  • lidarose

    When I lived in Claremont, CA, our home backed up to a trail that was against some foothills. There were tons of coyotes..they used to howl at the moon..they were beautiful. Yes, they did come down to the neighborhoods once in awhile. This is why, people should keep their animals in the confines of their yards..and keep their fences maintained.

    That second video made me sick to my stomach. My god…finding joy and pleasure in watching a beautiful animal being ripped apart in front of your face. Wow, incredible! Wow, disgusting!

    I have an addition to this. My dad lives in a retirement community in San Jose…the HOA dues are almost $800 per month…yes, that’s right! Well, they seem to have a deer problem out there. The deer, who were there first, eat the precious roses and other flora. The astute and brilliant HOA powers that be, decided to hire cross bow hunters to go over there and kill the deer…how brutal is that??? A crossbow? That idea was kyboshed via media attention. I often thought they would butcher the deer, than serve it at the Club restaurant…and charge $40.00 per plate…someone would probably get a bonus for that bright light.

    Maybe if the HOA saw these videos, this would be the next step.

    How depressing…

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