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I don’t even have a picture cute enough to be submitted to the Pioneer Women photography contest, but since I don’t have a lot of content today either, enjoy the ones that were submitted.  Some are definitely professional, but it’s an amazing grouping of stuff you’ve never seen before.  Good on you PW!


I already know on the second to the last day of the month that I will not have had a day off this month.  I think the last day off was the 23rd or 24th of January.  It was a wine event.  Expect to find me in the witness protection program one day this week.  A dog just gets tired.  I was caught flat footed back in November with not much in the pipeline and no inventory in the market.  Buyers got frustrated with me because I couldn’t magically make a house appear.  The banks quit releasing REO’s so the “lunch money” aspect of what we’d been doing for over a year evaporated and I found myself out standing in my field.  With a bunch of crickets.  So I reloaded pretty quickly, readjusted the focus of my business and got cracking.  I learned a valuable lesson about paying attention to trends in the market place.  I saw it happening but didn’t get that I had to react.  I won’t make that mistake again. 

I’ve had three realtors recently that I’ve had to exchange cash for keys on high end homes.  The one who had been in her house the shortest period of time was 8 years.  I’ve got to say, there is a marked difference between how realtors handle this and how mortgage brokers handle it.  Realtors leave the house intact.  They call in when the notice is delivered and work it out.  The only one who didn’t, sued the bank, and he moved out,left it clean then came around and filed suit.  When I spoke to him and he bandied the idea of filing suit around, I told him I couldn’t advise him, but that if that’s what he thought he should do, then he should talk to an attorney, not me.  I’m very curious as to how that one is going to play out.  We did not give him cash for his keys, but he still showed pride in how he handled the situation.  Realtors “show” me the house while I’m doing the walk through and they take pride in the face of adversity.  Mortgage brokers steal the appliances and disappear into the night.  I’m sure I’ll piss some people off with that, but I’ve taken over close to 200 homes in the last year.  That’s what’s been happening.  And I’ve got to say, the realtor homes are the ones that affect me the most.  I’ve lost sleep over two of them.  Not so much that I’m the one taking their keys, but just empathy for what they’re going through.  And then of course knowing that but for the grace of God go I. 

So when it doubt, drink.  Last night’s offering at Pleasant Hill Wine Merchants were a selection from Bourassa Vineyards in Napa.  Vic Bourassa was there.  Not really a people guy.  But he loves his wine and that showed through.  He brought with him five wines.  His Chardonney which was more than I think I’ve ever had in a glass of Chardonnay.  It was creamy and buttery and spicy and citrusy all at one.  The fruit is sourced from the Russian River.  To break it down a little better, the butter and cream were on the front palate, the mid palate had maybe cardamon and pears and it finished crisp and with a little bit of red grapefruit.  One of the best Chardonneys I’ve had in years.  Really enjoyed it.  Next up was his Zinfandel.  Not your typical Zinfandel.  It wasn’t big or jammy, but the fruit was right there.  Dark cherries, some light spice in the mid palate and a nice luxurious finish.  Next up was his Harmony3.  This is a Bordeaux blend.  It was beautiful.  Beautiful viscosity, dark fruit a little tobacco leathery sort of thing going on and a nice elegant finish.  I wanted to sit down to a big meal in a nice restaurant with this beauty.  Next up was his Cabernet Franc.  I love Cab Franc.  When I cataloged the cellar the other day I was surprised at how much of it I had.  I would love to have this one in the cellar.  This one should be held as it was a little bright, but it had the structure to age well.  Cherries, plums, raisin and vanilla on the palate.  I should have brought one of these home to age.  It’s got “it”.  Finally his Symphony3.  This is a Cabernet Sauvignon based blend.  This was the jammiest of all of them.  I was kind of surprised since that’s not what you expect from a Cab.  Raspberries, blackberries, deep dark fruit, chocolate, coffee all in a mouthful.  It has a long sweetish finish that was also surprising.  I wanted to blacken a filet with this one, or maybe that blackened prime rib they serve at the Kaiser Grill in Palm Springs.  Yeah, that would be awesome!

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