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You know I got these burning heels to use

It’s about time I talked about some wine.  One of the tasks on my list has been to move and catalog the Wine Dog Cellar.  I finally got that mostly done yesterday.  Discovery -not a lot of depth to my cellar, but a ton of Caberney Sauvignon.  And a bunch of stuff I should probably drink.  Like the 1994 Andeol Salavert Cotes du Rhone Villages Rochegude, whose time may have passed.  There are 165 bottles in the total Wine Dog Cellar, give or take a couple.  The ones in the cases next to the wine refrigerator have not be cataloged, but here’s what I got so far.  But we all know a bunch of shit in my refrigerator isn’t interesting so let’s review a few that I’ve opened recently.

Last week I had the Unti 2007 Petit Frere open.  It’s a Cote du Rhone stiled wine.  44% Syrah, 38% Grenache and 18% Mourvedre.  I loves me some Mourvedre.  It’s basically a Grenache with a pair.  (Find that in your wine notes buddy)  It was a lot darker and concentrated than a Grenache usually is, full bodied and multi layered.  I just saw their note:

Think of this wine as our version of a Cotes du Rhone that has been on an aggressive weight lifting program.

This is a lot more meaty than a Cotes du Rhone, that’s for sure.  Mine stood up nicely to of all things, blackened salmon.  Unti is one of my favorite producers.  I don’t belong to their club, just because at some point you really have to draw the line, but if I had room, I would.  Then I would quit drinking their juice the minute it comes through the door.

Last month at Pleasant Hill Wine Merchants (which continues to be my favorite local wine stop) one of the selections was the Quercus Rubra Reserve 2006.  They grow this stuff in the Suisun Valley.  No shit.  It’s 85% Cabernet Sauvignon with Merlot, Cab Franc and Petit Verdot for a Bordeaux blend, but it drinks like a California Zin.  I didn’t read the bottle until a minute ago and was surprised it had no Zinfandel in it.  Dark fruit, spice and mocha undertones make for a very interesting wine.  I see they think it will cellar for 7-10 years.  I grilled a steak with a nice spicey rub, it stood up nicely to the wine.  I’d say I’m on a spice kick, but every one knows I could bring the heat and throwdown with Bobby Flay on any given day.  Bring it on.

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