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In your head, in your head they are fighting

I lay yesterday’s tragic event in Austin right at the door step of Glenn Beck.  Yep.  I blame him.  He tried to blame Communism and liberals and everything else yesterday, but he is the one advocating fighting our government and he is the one who refuses to take responsibility for his actions.  He bears responsibility.  He could have condemned it universally yesterday and he didn’t.  He has created an environment where something like this is ok.  Throughout the internet yesterday the teabaggers were calling the nutbag pilot brave and a hero.  No he wasn’t.  Just because you’re white and commit an act of terrorism doesn’t make you brave or a hero.  It’s makes you a terrorist and a criminal, a homegrown domestic terrorist.  Period.  Just because he wasn’t from a certain ethnic group doesn’t mean it wasn’t terrorism.  Timothy McVeigh, terrorist.  Ted Kaczinski, terrorist.  Yesterday’s nutbag, terrorist.

What concerns me is the underlying threat of violence that I’m seeing in this teabagger movement.  It doesn’t seem to me any different than some of the violence that came out in the early 70’s.  Except they have a leader on television and the left wingnuts from the early 70’s didn’t even have an internet.  Personally I have a hard time even watching Glenn Beck without wanting to slap the snot out of him.  Not for what he says as much as how he says it.  His delivery is like a petulant child, snide, smug and whiney.  I suppose it appeals to a certain class of underachievers who think nebulous boogymen like “The Government” or “The Left” are responsible for their problems rather than their own inaction or incompetency.  Or stupidity.  They are being led to slaughter just like many movements before.  They are being whipped up into a frenzy to become glassy-eyed zombies, committed to their leader’s whims and desires, unable to think for themselves.  If they would look inward and take responsibility they would find that their problems relate directly to their inability to rationalize for themselves.


Want to zig while everyone else zags?  Great.  I do that.  And I pay the price regularly.  And as frustrated as I get, I have to take responsibility for not going with the flow.  And I have to take my lumps for it. And I dust myself off and come back for more every time.  The day I don’t is the day that I’m done.

All this bullshit about taxes makes me nuts.  The truth of the matter is that these people have no idea what taxes really pay for.  Our Government is big, probably too big, not that kind of “big” but big in that it’s doing too much.  I think California is too big.  The interests of Northern California and Southern California are very different.  I think we need to be two States.  But I digress.  If not for the Government involved in the arts the Sistine Chapel would have never been painted by Michelangelo.  A lot of classic art would have never occurred.  So attacking the arts pisses me off.  And our children would have even crappier educations than they currently receive.  As crappy as some police forces are, without taxes they wouldn’t exist at all.  The same with the firefighters and EMT’s.  I don’t see anyone arguing to privatize them.  As crappy as the roads are because these asshats keep cutting taxes, there would be none if not for the government.  No standards for safety in automobiles. No FAA.  Planes would just fly around and hope they didn’t hit each other before they landed on a private airstrip because the Government wouldn’t have anything to do with airports any more.  I love how these no taxes guys want a big strong Army.  Dude.  These guys don’t work for free and their toys are really really expensive.  And the defense sector wouldn’t exist because the Government wouldn’t be buying those toys.  And we’d all be speaking the Queens English which might not be such a bad thing.  At least asshole bloggers wouldn’t start sentences with the word “and”.

So all this rhetoric about no taxes and less government and I have to ask, do these nutbags really understand what that means?  Or are they just glassy eyed zombies mesmerized by a charlatan?

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