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Wash me clean, in amazing grace

I know I shouldn’t be complaining about the rain.  Driving has been banned in Baltimore due to the snow.  They’ve had 72 inches of snow this year.  The Federal Government has been closed for four days.  I don’t know that is a bad thing.  They really need to quit screwing around with politics and solve some problems.  Like health care.  The bill sucks but the Republican solution of doing nothing sucks more.  But that’s not today’s subject.  It’s the weather.

As a Californian, I’m ok that it’s another State getting their ass kicked by the weather for a change.  After two terrible fire seasons and this years torrential rains, sorry guys, we needed a break.  Hopefully everyone has enough heating oil and remembered to go buy bread.  And milk.  And Post Toasties.  And liquor. Malibu will be falling off the hill in another month or two so if y’all could take it for a couple of more weeks, we’ll be good out here.  Thanks.


Here at the Farm the word of the day has been MUD.  Lots off it.  Every night I put on my boots and go outside and hose off both dogs.  Rita being the drama queen that she is shivers and chatters her teeth.  Bubba stands there stoicly and trust me, the garden hose on his nether regions should make him shiver and his teeth should chatter, but they don’t.  That’s how I know Rita is playing to the crowd.  If they would sleep in their own beds or even their crates that would be one thing, but I wake up every morning with the two of them pressed up against me.  I don’t need the silt from their romp in the back yard in my bed too.  When it’s sloppy I have to wash their entire bellies and both legs.  Now it’s just hard mud and right now I only have to wash off their paws.  But because I’m solution oriented I want a better mousetrap.

Right now I’m thinking the solution is to add a “mud room” on behind the family room.  There are full doors on the family room which I would leave in place.  Then the room would have maybe a dog bath, maybe even a people bath and perhaps a little bit of home gym stuff that I wouldn’t want in the house.  I was surprised at house much information was out there about mud rooms.

dog shower

Now I would imagine the people who come and visit me would prefer I just remodeled the main bath and added the shower there, which I should do.  But that room gets used about 10 times a year and I wash dog paws every single night.  And I could add a dog door to the mud room but not to the main house.  And there wouldn’t be silt all over the family room all the time.  Because I’ve figured out that even if I landscape, Rita is going to run and be covered with mud.  Bubba is going to do his OCD fence running thing and he’s going to be covered in mud.


Something like that.  I just need to figure out how to hook it into the house plumbing.  I really think I’m on to something here.  And then I’ll put a shower in the main bath.  I will.  Really.

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