Luck is the lady that he loves the best

If I could choose an event to occur and it would just happen, I would like to see a Meghan McCain/Sarah Palin Smackdown.  Want to know who’s really mavericky?  Meghan McCain, that’s who.  The old man threw some smart pups.  And Sarah Palin wouldn’t know satire if it came through on the side of a freight train every afternoon at 2:14. I can barely watch that woman without wanting to climb through the television and beat the holy shit out of her.  It’s not so much that I disagree with her idealogically, it’s that she’s stupid.  Straight up stupid.  Uneducated and ignorant.  Stupid.  Now for a woman I disagree with idealogically who isn’t stupid and really surprised me recently.


Not satire.  I’m sure the wingnuts are glad the First Lady didn’t do that ad eh?  Because God forbid we treat everybody equally.  I’m thinking dinner at the McCain house is a lively event.  God knows I’ve picked on Cindy McCain.  She even got the V reference.  Who knew that when she tore off the mask there was a woman with a conscience, I was expecting a lizard.  Good on her for this ad.  It makes me wonder on one hand what would have happened if the GOP had just let McCain do things his way, but then I think we saw some of that in 2000.  Without Karl Rove, he probably would have won that year.  On the other hand, he did get caught on tape yet again disagreeing with himself.  He said if the military was ok with gays in the military he was, until the military leadership said they were and then he wasn’t.

And then there’s Meghan.  That kid is so smart I want her to run for an office.  These McCain women are going rogue.  For real.  With no note written on the palm of their hand.

[youtube -xHQxl0iO2E]

This young woman is the future of the Republican Party.  It would really be sad if no one was smart enough to recognize it.  On the other hand she’d make a great centralist Democrat.

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  • Radical

    Hey, Wine Dog! I love all these ladies and I also love the Cheney ladies. I want all of them to run for office. You want to see change? Palin/McCain/Cheney = HOPE

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