Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

Good morning America how are you?

The only thing that would have made that football game better would be if Indiannapolis kicked a field goal and the final was 31-20.  Then I would have won $400.  I was screaming for that field goal, they never took it.  Congratulations to the Saints and more importantly to the City of New Orleans, even the State of Louisiana.  I wish this had happened the same year that Katrina beat up your town, but it’s all good today.  Crazy ballsy calls from Sean Payton.  The reverse?  Don’t go outside on the Colts, fail.  Fourth and not much?  Yeah, that’s what you got.  But the onside kick and the two point conversion made the difference in the game and the fails didn’t matter at that point.  And fun to watch because everybody knows that Peyton Manning is one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in football.  I wonder what Archie had to say about the whole thing.  Maybe I’ll call him up.

Now, let’s talk for a minute about shameless self promotion at CBS and The Who.  A lot of people were asking why The Who was playing the halftime show.  There are two answers.  I think they were playing the halftime show so that they could make the blue plate special at Applebee’s.  Townshend is 64, Roger Daltry is 65.  Seriously.  When they were in their heyday would they have EVER listened to a bunch of guys in their 60’s?  Then why are they making up listen to them.  Remember John Lennon saying not to trust anyone over 30?  The real reason they played halftime was CBS’s CSI franchise.  Every single one of them has an old Who song as a theme song.  Old Who song.  Not a new Who song.  An old one.  Get it?  The dinosaur exhibit is down the hall and to the left.

The good news was that they DIDN’T get Taylor Swift.  My goodness can that poor child carry a tune or not?  She was horribly off key at the CMA’s and equally off key at the Grammy’s.  Even in her worst coke fueled hot mess days, Stevie Nicks could carry a tune.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the old girl didn’t cracked a molar during that duet.  Anyway, Taylor Swift is kind of irrelevant in my world except she’s on all the radio stations and I don’t really like that song.  So get Carrie Underwood to do the National Anthem.  Thank you.  What?  She ended off key?  I love Carrie Underwood.  I love the Louisville Slugger to both headlights song.  I love the I don’t even know my last name song.  That girl can belt them out.   And then she ends the National Anthem off key.  Honey.  Really?  How does this happen?  Aren’t you guys professionals?


And about those Super Bowl ads.  What did you guys pay for those?  A bunch of ad time didn’t sell obviously, judging from all the proprietary ads from CBS.  With very few exceptions I have to ask, you guys paid all that money and that’s what you did with it?  Really?  The Bud ads were terrible.  Two ads in a row with guys with no pants on?  How many ads had little people in them?  Three?  Originality zip.  And at least two ads with a scooter in them.  Bah.  The exception

[youtube NEH1omnG77c]

The Google ad was cute, but the spoof is much better

[youtube qcZ-arbR0EE]

The dog lover in us liked this one

[youtube sRorSY0ib4g]

By far one of the weakest years for Super Bowl ads ever.  And Tim Tebow?  Your NFL career is going to be a Not For Long career.  You don’t have it buddy.  Betty White could take you.

[youtube ArHoDfoL9Fw]


  • dolphyngyrl

    The Betty White ad was a screamer. And I also loved the bark collar ad. Of course my first thought was “but that’s not how it works”. Still awesome, though.

    Did you know that all but one of the Dorito’s ads was made by amateur film makers?

    Personally, I was totally over the “man up” feeling of most of the commercials and the Focus on the Family bs may be getting its own blog post.

    But OMFG did you see that interception?!?

  • OldTitleGuy

    I liked the Mckydee basketball commercial because of the Homage to the old Bird/Magic one of years ago. Nothin’ but net.

  • The Brother

    What’s the chance that I would flip on the game in time to see the Tebow add. Meh. What is it about Christo-fascist women all looking having that big-ass Stepford Wife meets scary clown grin on their faces? Scary.
    And I love Taylor Swift. Pllllll!!!!!!

  • Wine Dog

    Yeah, the Mckydee basketball one was good. And I forgot the best punch line was the VW commercial with Stevie Wonder.

    I think I just don’t like “You belong to me” or whatever it’s called. Too much bubble-gum. She’s got a couple a like. And the poor child has yet to be able to carry a tune on live television which makes me wonder how much of it was created on a sound board.

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