Boycott Foley Family Wines,  Wine of the Day

Dance in flames for the final quest

This week I watched the State of the Union address.  I haven’t seen one in several years because, well because Bush was a moron and I couldn’t listen to the guy.  I hope Obama can work his way through this economic shit sandwich that Bush & Co handed the country.  We all know one of the moments in California politics that sent me to the moon was during the Gubernatorial debate when Tom McClintock pointed to FNF and their exit to Florida because they didn’t want to pay California taxes.  I was enraged with McClintock and of course I hate Bill Foley and the Evil Empire.  I still secretly wish a hurricane would come and demolish only Bill Foley’s offices, nothing else in Jacksonville.  Come to find out, I’m not alone.

Last night while I was working my way through my email I found a slew of new reasons to hate Bill Foley and FNF and some comraderie at that.  Facebook for the most part is kind of a happy place.  You have to use your own name, no room for anonymous trolls and it just chugs along.  Unless you’re Bill Foley.  Then there is a dedicated group called “I dislike Bill Foley with a passion“.  Apparently, the folks of Whitefish, Montana don’t like what he’s doing out there.  Yep.  I told all you wine people he was Satan.  This is what the people who live in the same community as he does think of him.  I’m telling you, he is the Devil.  Boycott his damned wine!  And we’ll call it “the mountain” not whitefish mountain resort.  (didn’t capitalize it for y’all).  The New West did a long and telling article on him.   The comments section is equally telling.


January 15th, the Evil Empire laid off 70 Californians, only to call many of them back as “temporary” workers with no benefits at a deeply discounted pay rate.  This is the Fidelity way.  They will report their Q4 earnings on February 3.  I promise, you will see a wicked EPS.  They are off-shoring more work and putting more Americans either out of work or in distress.  I’m rooting for Obama.  Tax that asshole and every other corporate winged monkey who has taken an American job and sent it overseas.  The problem ain’t illegals coming into our country taking our jobs, those guys don’t have even green cards.  The problem is assholes like Bill Foley laying off American workers in a recession from decent jobs so he can pull more money out of his company and buy more shit for himself and sending their jobs to freaking India.  That’s the problem.  Business didn’t used to run that way, but in the 80’s under, you guessed it, Reagan, the business schools started professing a different way of doing business.  It used to be that companies held back cash for the lean times because business is cyclical.  No more.  They pull everything out of the business that they possibly can and then balance the books on the backs of the employees.  They found ways to exploit every accounting rule on the books and now just send our jobs overseas so that the good old boys can give each other obscene bonuses and suck the American people dry.  If they were paying taxes on those off-shored operations they would come right back to our shores where they belong.  Period.

Knowing that, why are you drinking his wine?  Stop it.  Everyone.  The leopard will not change his spots.  We know he acquired Sebastiani not for the wine but for the distribution channels.  He doesn’t care about the industry.  As winos we have only one option, chase him out of the business.  How is that accomplished?  By doing business with someone else.  It looks like he as acquired Audelssa which makes me sad, (Audelssa was not acquired by Foley) but I was sad when he acquired Kuleto too.  It’s not like there aren’t hundreds of true family owned wineries making lovely juice out there.  So here’s the revised boycott list:

Clifford Bay
Firestone Vineyard
Foley Estates
Lincourt Vineyards
Three Rivers Winery
Wattle Creek

The job you save, may be your own.

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