Staring at the goldfish bowl, poppin’ phenobarbitol


I know we need rain, but this is ridiculous.  At least I don’t live in an area that was ravaged by wild fires last summer.  I know folks out in places like Fallbrook and Santa Cruz.  That’s got to suck for them.  Here on The Farm, which is now known as the Everglades, it’s just a big pool of muck out there.  I keep them in as long as I can stand them and then just send them out to make a mess.  At 5:30 I get out the hose and give them a good hosing off and they come in for the night.  They’ve been very good with this routine and I appreciate it.

I see plenty of articles floating through about animal control coming and taking dogs away because they’re thin.  It’s kind of scary to me.  I can currently see all of Rita’s ribs.  Every freaking one of them.  According to the labeling on her kibble she’s suppose to get 3 cups a day.  She gets 4 cups a day and usually a midday snack with Bubba and she’s still rail thin.  There’s nothing wrong with her besides she runs it off.  Bubba gets 4 cups per day plus 4 cups of rice and either a chicken thigh or a hunk of ground beef.  He’s under 70 right now.  WITH the prednisone.  His gut is much better, but he isn’t gaining any weight and I’m out of funds on this project for a month or two.  I don’t know that more visits to the vet would make much difference.  I kind of think that this project just needs time now.

Tufts just finished a study on OCD in dogs.  Not good news to the Wine Dog household. (that is NOT Beauregard, he was perfect in every way)


Separated at birth?  It’s called flank sucking and it’s an OCD behavior in Dobermans that they have been studying.  I guess the good news is that they found a gene.  The bad news is that Bubba has it.  If you read on in the article it talks about fence running, spinning in circles and just about every other activity that occurs around here.  Apparently I am the new Atascadero for dogs.


And finally, I spent yesterday watching football.  I used to get the full NFL package and work around the house on Sunday’s watching the best games in the country each week.  But times have changed in the Wine Dog bank accounts and I haven’t had the package in two years.  More importantly, I haven’t had time to watch football in the last two years, but I made an exception yesterday.  I turned off the cell, didn’t even fire up the work machine and had a seat.  If ever there was a day to take off and lay on the couch watching football, it was yesterday.  It’s really sad that any team had to lose either of those games.  That young New York Jets team looked unbelievable and they have some fine years ahead of them.  I know a lot of people hate Peyton Manning, but I’m not one of them.  I think the man works hard and has talent and makes the most of what he’s got.  I’m glad to see his team advance again.  And the Vikings?  That’s the stuff movies are made of, they pull the old man out of retirement, he’s hobbled in the 2nd half, has to go to overtime.  Kirk Gibson would be proud.  But it was the Saints day.  Laissez les bon temps rouler. GEAUX SAINTS!

[youtube iZhV2tqPH54]

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  1. Winedog,
    Please forgive me if you know this or if you’ve covered it.
    I had a yellow lab who was the perfect family dog. He had the best nose of any dog I’ve ever seen. He had the wrong family. He should have been in a hunting family. I hunt in grocery stores but that’s it. When he turned 6 he grew some skin lesions. They weren’t hot spots. It was diagnosed as an auto-immune issue. We hoped prednisone would mask the symptom long enough for his skin to heal. We kept him on prednisone too long. He lost weight and muscle mass. His heart, being a muscle, was affected, too. He died the way he wanted to. He was playing ball with my son and he couldn’t recover. He was far too young (only 7).
    I don’t know if there are any tests available that would demonstrate heart damage. I should have been more aware. I’m willing to be you are, but just in case…

  2. That’s good to know. Dobermans have issues with DCM and quite honestly, I’m expecting heart troubles with both of these dogs. We are re-evaluating Bubba at the end of February and I will be sure to mention the pred as a concern. Thanks. You are a wise slug.

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