A million workers workin’ for nothin’

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I know, how did I manage to pull that one out of my ass?  Well, it’s where my brain went after reading about the Supreme Court decision regarding campaign contributions from corporations.  This is a country of the people and by the people.  Not of Nabisco and by Nabisco.  Not of Exxon and by Exxon.  Of the people and by the people.  This decision cuts the people completely out of the process because the people don’t control the same amount of money that the huge corporations control.  Currently the insurance companies control Congress and that is exactly why we do not have a meaningful health care reform bill under consideration.  Think it’s going to get any better after this decision?  Not no, Hell no.  Imagine if insurance companies and their whopping profits were cut out of the health care equation.  Let’s see their profit margin, after taxes, after political contributions, after “administrative costs” after after after after is around 5%.  For the most part nearly a third of the money we pay to insurance companies is skimmed off for something else.  Now consider how much money is added to your hospital bill for administrating all the bullshit that they have to do for the insurance companies.  We can easily take off another 10-20% of the bill for that.  Then add to that the fact that many hospitals are held by large medical conglomerates who have to report profits to their shareholders.  And then there’s big Pharma.  Then add to that the insurance for and costs of administering malpractice claims.  Is it a wonder that this bill which should be helping the people isn’t getting through?  What’s this $80 on my bill?  It’s a box of Kleenex.  Makes that $90 hammer look like a good deal for the Navy.  And now the Supreme Court has just given these assklowns and every other large corporation out there carte blanche.

Don’t tell me the people are informed enough to know the difference.  If they get their news on the television, which I believe most people do, I have a two word answer for that.  Scott Brown.  He’ll be a one trick pony and out of there by the next election but in the meantime how did the State of Massachusetts elect this guy?  And they’re one of the more educated States in the union.  I’d love to be proven wrong but:


Seriously.  Do you think that a woman could have done a centerfold like that and gotten into the Senate?  OK, in Venezuela and Brazil probably, but what was the Commonwealth thinking?  Just because he looks like a Kennedy doesn’t mean he is.  Although I am amused that he is Pro-Choice, even if it’s convoluted pro-choice in his case.  And then on CNN Rick Sanchez says “Kennedy lost the seat that the Democrats had held for 46 years.”  Rick, he’s dead.  He didn’t lose anything except his battle with cancer.  And then the little chippy sitting next to him burbles “Obama was 11 when he took office”.  Obama was born in 1961.  Kennedy was elected to the Senate in 1962.  The thing is there are people out there who don’t hear that sort of thing and take what these morons say to be fact.  How do you lose a Senate seat when you’re dead?  For the love of God someone explain that to me!  1961 was a long year but it didn’t go on for 11 years.

We already have a shining example of what happens when a corporation decides to push their own agenda in Faux News.  Last night every single station carried the Hope for Haiti Now telethon, except one.  They were interviewing Karl Rove.  Seriously.  Every other station felt it was important to air a concert/telethon that brought them no revenue and only helped a Nation that was demolished by an earthquake except one who felt that interviewing their own Karl Rove was more important.  I call bullshit.

A ruling that is opposed by nearly everyone except Newt Gingrich should make you wonder.  Some companies have taken the high road.

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They are right.  “…candidates will not be consigned to a system in which constant fundraising creates conflicts of interest and leaves Members little time to do the job they were elected to do”.   Some of corporate America thinks you clowns need to get to work.  For the record, that’s what most of America thinks.

Oh what the Hell.

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  • titleslug

    On Jan 22, NewsMedia Inc filed a “pre-packaged bankruptcy”. In NorCal NewsMedia owns the CC Times, SJ Mercury, Santa Cruz Sentinel, and the Monterey Hearld. They bought the Bay Area News group from McClatchy after McClatchy bought KnightRidder. One of NewsMedia’s biggest assets and liabilities is a $70 million dollar pension fund.
    Under the bankruptcy BofA is a receiver and the current management team at NewsMedia stays intact.
    Somehow the once great SJ Mercury, which is a very shallow image of its former self, is going to be run by these folks and we’re supposed to stay informed. I don’t see that working out too well.

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