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I have spoke with the tongue of angels

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These are the guys that brought us this one back a few years ago.

[youtube Ahg6qcgoay4]

In that vein I will have to confess to almost killing myself last weekend. Because I didn’t “see” something I wasn’t looking for. At Heather Farms there is a spot where cyclists have to come out from the bicycle lane on the right and essentially cross a right hand turn lane to get to the bicycle lane that crosses Ygnacio Valley. It’s a simple move. Check and go.
bike-lane-aheadI’ve unfortunately gotten into the habit of listening for cars and didn’t glance back on Saturday. And almost got tattooed by a Prius. The dude was cool, he was also a cyclist. He pulls up to me and says “Hey, you might have wanted to signal what you were doing back there”. I’m like, dude were you there? Oh yeah, he was there. I should have signaled and I’m happy he didn’t run me over. I didn’t check because I didn’t hear a car. I didn’t hear a car because the Prius was running on it’s electric battery. I didn’t see what I wasn’t looking for and almost got tatered. Lesson learned.

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  • titleslug

    Glad you’re safe and smarter. Great illustrations. I have a 16 year old son who’s studying for his driver’s permit. He’s watching these today.

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