Hello, it’s me, Picasso

This was certainly the decade of viral video. Actually I don’t think there was viral video in 1999.  I predict the next two to take off are the Genie owning Tiger Woods onstage and Max Baucus ranting/rambling on the Senate floor.  Because it’s easier to say he’s drunk than to say he’s pissed off and right about something.  Some of my favorites in no particular order

[youtube xWkZ_StRjU0]

Of course this guy.  BTW, you’re being arrested for being an asshole.  Last decade you couldn’t have gotten IN TO a Bush campaign stop to act like that.  The DNC really needs to stop being soft on assholes.

[youtube 6bVa6jn4rpE]

And my favorite.  And the response video.

[youtube zlfKdbWwruY]

And of course this guy

[youtube KmtzQCSh6xk]

And a little something you don’t get very often, but I’m hellbent to get back there next year and spend more time on the board.  Yeah, the goal list review is coming.


The key is actually yoga.  Who knew?

And a little something from the PBE Canadians of the day.

[youtube agd6WaqMqd0]

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