How do I feel this good sober?

Where to start, where to start? I really want to rant about the health care bill, but I may just leave that alone since it seems to be ever evolving. Oh what the Hell?  I spent some time today with a Canadian friend of mine.  He thought he was here legally until he found out his paperwork was flawed.  Prior to that discovery he worked legally in this country (or so he thought) paid taxes, even got several tax returns from our government.  We all know the great threat is not Mexico.  It’s those damned Cannucks.

[youtube D7UKllR0Edo]

Anyway, he got sick here and went to the hospital.  And he’s an illegal alien.  And you know what?  They sent him a bill.  And he paid it.  He also told me that if he were in Canada they would have just taken care of him.  Blame Canada.

Sonofabun and I have been talking about doing Cuban night ever since I found that HobNob Shiraz. I thought it was an Aussie, but it’s actually a French shiraz.  Nice fruit on the front, not a lot in the middle but a ton of vanilla on the finish.  The balance is ok but this wine retails for $12 a bottle.  Shut.  Up.


It had so much vanilla on the finish that I knew it needed that needed that spicy, allspice jerk thing.  So we failed on Cuban per se, but we did pretty good with Caribbean.  We split up the menu and got to work.  He made a Cuban bread that was awesome and some stuffed potatoes that were like deviled eggs potatoes.


And Mojitos.  A special thanks to Ines for pointing us in the right direction on our mojitos.


I did essentially Nigel Spence’s Big Ass Jerk Ribeyes and Frijoles Negros.


He made a scented rice to go with the beans.


And there’s a dessert that we aren’t talking about.  It all came out amazing, except the dessert we aren’t talking about.  The good news is that we put flan ice cream over the dessert we aren’t talking about and flan ice cream is pretty damned good.



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  1. Well it’s about time you got aboard about (in the future to be spelled “aboot”.) the Great Canadian Plot for World Domination.

  2. World Domination plot..sure….right after I finish this Molsen eh…which is why it has remained a plot for centuries!

    Merry Christmas-ka-bob (which includes Channikah, Kwanza and Festives for the rest-of-us, ala Mr. Costanza)…

    best wishes Skip

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