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Sure is hot out


There was another mourning dove nest in the apricot tree right outside the newly installed patio doors. I realized that was why the mourning doves seemed to really care about the installation of that door. It kept me inside and away from their nest. There were two fledgings in the nest. Last year there was a mourning dove nest at Toyon in the mulberry tree. The first fledging was tossed out unceromoniously and could not fly. He sat in the freezing cold that April as I kept Beau away from him and hoped he’d make it. Taking him to Lindsey was out of the question as they euthanize if they’re over their quota for a particular species. I’m sure they have made their quota for mourning doves, so I felt if he were supposed to survive he would. Well, after a few days, he was getting weaker so I put him gently in a box with a towel and brought him inside. I tried to give him water through a dropper so that maybe he’d gain enough strength that I could put him out in the morning. He died overnight. So these new guys I watched like a hawk and admonished the mother to not toss them out until they were ready.


Yesterday they were stretching their little wings and cleaning themselves. I figured it was in preparation for flight. I guessed right, they were gone this morning. Later in the day I saw a smaller dove walking around the front yard. He looked fine, just learning his way around. I told him he should watch out for Chester, the neighbor’s cat. I hope he does ok.

My slate and tile arrived at Home Depot Yardbird’s two days ago. I went in yesterday to pick it up. The kid brings out about half of the tile and the boxes are all torn up and tiles are falling out and some are chipped. OK, I’m a little pissy, and it’s 100 degrees and I need the rest of the tile and the slate. After a stern discussion he returns with a pallate full of slate, but informs me that they can’t find my bullnose. Well, son, I ordered the bullnose, I paid for it and I’d like you to take your sorry butt back there and find it for me. Thank you. Alex was the kid’s name. He’s a good kid, just lacks initiative. He got a schooling in initiative yesterday. Part of me wants to make him load the slate box by box onto the truck, the other part of me has already waited 45 minutes for him to find it in the first place, so a forklift will be just fine. So they forklift 2000 pounds of slate onto my pickup truck, which pushes it down onto it’s springs and I tell Alex I’ll be back in the morning to get the rest. God bless Alex for learning initiative so quickly. When I arrive this morning, Alex is quick to point out that he has found that one of the boxes of 12X12 tiles has been shattered. He’s brought it out so that the Department Head and I can see the damage. Apparently Home Depot’s distribution center in Benecia is the culprit. Apparently this is a regular occurrence. So I asked the supervisor to have the manager of the Distribution Center call me and explain to me which Ass Clown dropped my tile and then put the shattered remains BACK on the truck to be delivered to me. Did that little wanker go home that day and think he did a good job? What are they going to do about the fact that they have shattered a case of special order Brazilian tile that I need to start a job this week? Can I go and shower at that guy’s house since mine won’t be ready? I really want the little jerk off that did it to understand that there are ramifications to being a dumb ass. So far, no call from any manager. That not such a good sign. The longer it takes for them to call me back the worse it’s going to be for them.

On the upside, my cooktop arrived from Friedman’s today. Can’t wait to get that installed. The countertops go in next Friday. Today I sanded down the cabinets. I’d hoped to get a coat of stain on them but I ran out of time. I’m off to Landmark Vineyards tonight for a chuck wagon dinner, Jan Wahl and Blazing Saddles. It should be a hoot. They are my favorite Chardonney house, they also make the Steel Plow Pinot which a love. Someone is the heir to the John Deere estate, hence the Steel Plow. See? Wasn’t that informative?

This morning’s weigh in: 207

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