Dogs,  Rita the Doberman

And the victim well he won’t come back

I really think that Rita is a criminal.  A cold hearted psychopathic criminal.  A sociopath.  That dog is not right.  Monday I took Bubba out with me for a training session.  When I train them I take them out singularly.  Rita is happy in the back yard so I left her out there.  When I got home she had opened the back door, but I wasn’t too concerned about it.  Later I saw her “eating grass” behind the oak tree.  This is typical so I didn’t investigate.  Then Bubba went out to “eat grass” behind the oak tree.  Grass grows there, why would I investigate?


Because Rita had gotten into the house, gotten up on the counter, stolen a brand new unopened package of English Muffins and took them out BEHIND THE TREE where I could not see what she was doing and ate them all.  That is the sort of premeditation that can only be expected from real dark hearted criminals.  Keep in mind, the only time I have ever seen this dog totally at peace was after she assasinated the rat in my office.  The dog is a criminal.


  • OldTitleGuy

    No, the poor puppy is a Politician.
    She took your asset without your specific permission, secreted it where you couldn’t see it, and consumed it with no visible benefit to you.

    I predict she will be in the legislature of California in due course.

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