Run around yellin’ “I gotta Mustang, it’ll do eighty”

Whoa, road trip.  I left Friday morning for Laughlin, Nevada for the AAU World’s.  The trick heading to a meet is to get out of the car every two hours and stretch but make good time.  I took it just a smidge farther and made my lunch so I didn’t have to stop except to fuel and stretch.  I made Laughlin from Concord in eight hours and change.  As I was approaching the road to the town there was a cop there stopping everyone.  He was Tribal Police.  I had passed another Y to the left where a cop had that blocked off.  This guy was turning us all around and sending us into Laughlin via Arizona.  Just what you want to do after eight hours and change of driving.  Highway hiccups are the theme of this trip.

Saturday morning I set a total of four records in the AAU.  Squat 85kg (187.2lbs).  Bench 90kg (198.2lbs) and Deadlift 125kg (275.5lbs)  The deadlift was a personal best.  Not sure about the squat because I squat so infrequently in competition.  The cycling is helping my squats a lot so I’ve been doing more squatting than I’ve done in many years.  After the meet I headed to Rancho Mirage to go to Camp David.  I haven’t been there in over two years, just due to circumstance and the economy.  Mostly the economy.  It seems like light years ago, but I did lose my job twice since 2007.  And I did just start a business in a terrible recession.  These friends or one of the few consistencies in my life, but it had been so long that I couldn’t remember the house they lived in.  Once I got there I remembered everything except the pool.  The desert is a fascinating place.  If I were to have a second home it would be there.


Those are wild finches getting after the fresh bird seed in the feeder.  The hummingbirds out there are amazing.  Unfortunately time means the dogs I knew had moved on and new dogs lived there now.  Meet Tony.


He’s a cool little dude.  Greyhound and Chihuahua.  There’s another little guy but he’s camera shy.  Also brindle, like a miniature Tony.  They don’t yap or shake or do anything of that annoying shit that Chihuahuas do.  They’re cool.

On Monday I headed down to San Marcos to see some other friends.  The news said the storm was supposed to hit between 4-8pm.  I thought I’d get to San Marcos by three and miss it all.  Idiot.  Driving from Rancho Mirage to San Marcos is a westerly trip.  A Pacific storm is heading easterly.  Time adjustments should be made.  It started raining around Corona.  I didn’t take them mountain route because I was afraid of the weather.  By the time I got to the 15 it was pouring.  And blowing.  And scary as hell.  There was a pick up off to the side in a ditch and the tow truck hauling him out.  I slowed (from the 55 I was going on a 70mph strip of highway) as did the car to my left.  There was water rushing across the freeway that we couldn’t see.  The guy next to me was just in front of me so when he hit it he buried me in a wave of water.  Then I hit it and hydroplaned.  Luckily I got off the gas when I started hydroplaning.  So for a moment I was driving blind and out of control.  Scary shit.  I’ll talk about the wine tomorrow, but suffice it to say, the wine was amazing.

Yesterday I got up at the crack of dawn so I would have plenty of time for silliness.  I had to pick up the dogs by 5pm.  If I was out the door at 6am and held the course I should be home by 2pm.  Plenty of time to get the dogs.  I got out on time and stopped at the Starbucks on the corner.  I was talking to the girls behind the counter about my ride down to San Marcos and then mentioned I was heading home.  Where’s home?  I always say Walnut Creek because people know where that is, even though Concord is bigger.  One of the girls said her best friend lived there and was supposed to come see here the day before except the Grapevine was closed last night.  I’m sure it was, but I’m thinking it’ll be open by the time I get there.  Not so much.  By the time they opened the Grapevine I was in Ventura.  On the 101.  So the home route was 78E, 15N, 210W, 134W, 101N, 154N, 101N, 680N home.  One the of by-products of a rain like that in the southland is that you can see the San Gabriels.  This happens about once a year.  I took this from the 15 around Norco.


Yes, that’s snow, but look!  It’s the San Gabriels!

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  1. Yeah..the old San Gabes. There are also the San Bernardino’s where Mt. Baldy is…they are stunning on an occasional winter day. I lived in Claremont off the 10 for about 12 years. Once in a blue moon, you could even see the LA skyline! It looked like “The Emerald City” off in the distance. Such is life (not very often) in So. Cal.

  2. I could also see the LA skyline from the 210 yesterday. It was a glorious day in LA. Too bad I didn’t have time to stick around. Maybe I could have stalked OTG.

  3. Remember the disreputable bum on the side of the 210 near the 15?
    That was me. I waved, but you just ignored me.

    You shoulda known me by my “will abstract for food” sign.

  4. Hey isn’t that Solisbury Hill?..or is that in the Peter Gabriels?
    Excellent lifts wine dog congratulations! especially the dead lift impressive!

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