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With the assistance of one of my unemployed friends, some major work occured over the weekend. The back patio door would not even close. OK, it’s worse in this picture, and my buddy is busy taking a time out. Slacker.


Actually, she doesn’t want to drink water from the bowl like Beauregard has to and she’s just complaining. After much adeau (I’m sure my Mother will correct the spelling there) we got the French doors installed. They haven’t trued up yet, because we also discovered the real reason men don’t read instructions. The perceived reason is arrogance and machismo. The real reason is vanity and disorganization. Neither of us could find our reading glasses so we don’t know what the instructions said. So we guess and make jokes. And decide to surf the internet on Monday for instructions on how to true a door. Apparently shims aren’t optional. Who knew? So we moved on to the front door, after we got the French doors somewhat even, or more appropriately close enough for government work…well, better than that, they do close AND open. So we decided that 5 hours in 100 degree weather wasn’t a good day, we had to replace the front door too. Now, all friends volunteer longer than they should with the helpful addition of beer. Now with beer in place we take on the front door.


If it is possible, the instructions were printed in #1 font. I’m pretty sure. Just like the French doors, we were unable to true the doors. Once again shims are not optional, but in spite of ourselves:


It’s great to have good friends (who are also taller than you) to help with jobs like this. Tomorrow night, I will reset the front door with the Attorney’s assistance, and shim the back and I should be in business.

With all this excitement going on at The Farm, you might think I wasn’t following my Body for Life program. You would be wrong. Not only am I following it, but I’ve been to a Spin and Lift class. Sounds a little like doing laundry, but what it really does is 30 minutes of Spinning class followed by 30 minutes of weight training. No problem for the Powerlifter…right? Wrongo. This high rep low weight crap hurts. 3000 bicep curls. 800,000 crunches, I’m pretty sore in places I don’t usually work out. This week’s food:

  • Breakfast
  • Cereal, milk and 1/2 grapefruit
  • Snack
  • Beef jerkey and Yoplait ff yogurt
  • Lunch
  • Chicken breast on a whole wheat bun
  • Snack
  • Grapes and string cheese
  • Dinner
  • Swordfish, watermelon and asparagus
  • Dessert
  • Strawberries and ricotta cheese.

Happy Birthday to Elliot Richardson. I suspect someone will be asked very soon to do what you did. I hope they have the same respect for country and the Constitution that you did.

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