Can’t believe you fake it

I would be really pissed off if I weren’t so relieved. When I got to the vet yesterday he sat me down and told me to relax. He was not happy with the results on Bubba’s tests and made the lab retest what they had and recheck their work. They came back with “Oops”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He took a second biopsy to be super sure, but it seems like the lab made a mistake and wasn’t smart enough to know that there was something wrong with their results. Today I could make a list of things that I would like to do to the Pathologist. They would include drawing and quartering. Execution. Public flogging. And then I would go medieval on her ass. After I screamed at her in a little tiny room for an hour or so.  He wants her fired. That’s not bad enough for me. I’m writing a letter to be presented to the lab basically explaining what her incompetence did to me and those who care about me and my dogs. Today’s phone call should be the all clear for Bubba and that makes sense. They did not find IBD but they did find the other condition in his gut. He’s being treated right now with Prednisone. We’ll adjust the dosage in a couple of weeks. He’s gained back to 69 pounds, he was 65 when I took him in. He should be 75-80.


I understand mistakes happen.  We all goof things up now.  I do stupid shit.  But telling someone their dog has cancer when he doesn’t is monumental.  It is the height of incompetency.  When my vet called them to verify the first time, that should have been a clue that the animal was not presenting as if he had cancer.  That should have been the hint to look at the sample again.  But this person didn’t do any of that.  And she made me and those who care about me and my dogs ride a terrifying roller coaster yesterday.  For that, she should lose her job.  And be drawn and quartered.  And listen to me berate her in a little tiny room for about an hour.

[youtube kQFKtI6gn9Y&NR]


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