‘Cause falling in love is a pilgrim’s sport

I have some wine reviews, but it was a long weekend so it’s going to take a few days to get them reconstructed written.  I made the very critical mistake of giving the dogs fresh bones on Thursday.  I am still paying for that this morning.  Rita had a little issue Friday morning, the SpotBot took care of that.  Bubba has been having issues ever since.  Including this morning.  I knew I didn’t want to carpet this place.  I really don’t want to be changing it up this quickly, but sometimes carpet just sucks.  Or carpet combined with a sick dog.  He’s been on white rice for a day and a half now (as soon as I realized he wasn’t going to get past this on his own) and he is slowly getting better.  That dog has the touchiest tummy I’ve ever had to deal with in a dog.

So today I have the Wine Dog’s Rules for Marketing.  Read it, know it, live it.

Halloween is on October 31st.  You may start advertising and marketing for Halloween no earlier than my birthday, September 26.  Market your little hearts out after then.  Upon the completion of Halloween you may put out your turkeys, pumpkin pies and cranberry sauce.  Stack it high and sell it pilgrim, but not until the werewolves and vampires have been put away.  On the day after Thanksgiving AND NOT A GODDAMN MINUTE BEFORE you may begin your Christmas marketing.  Period.  You know I don’t even like that you assholes market Christmas, but I’ll secede Christmas marketing is a necessary evil to the retail industry.  Have your friggin’ Santa arrive before Thanksgiving and I may not be able to curb the urge the cap the fat bastard.


And you reason for the season wankers are next.  That is all.

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  1. Ooh, and I was reading an article this morning that talked about how retailers ordered less stock for this year than previous years, so the Black Friday discounts won’t be as deep as in past years.

    So.. It’s not even worth it that they started pushing that shit before Halloween.

  2. Sorry – I’ve already finished my shopping. Just buying for the kids, nieces and nephews – 4 boys and 5 girls, ages 15 months to 10 years old. And since I haven’t had steady work (only 18 hrs) since mid-June, I’ve used a combo of coupons/cc rewards/loyalty rewards/clearance & sales to buy clothes (some for $1.99/piece) and toys & books for 8 kids and all for less than $300 ($250 out of pocket) and that includes a bike for my 5 yr old daughter.

    Everything was brand new, no seconds. Gotta say I’m mighty proud of myself 🙂

  3. As well you should be. I’m not talking about getting what you need for your family in advance. I’ve known people who have knocked out all of their Christmas shopping in August. I’m talking about the corporate marketers starting their Christmas marketing early. It’s always felt like a moneychangers thing to me.

    Besides knocking all that out for under $300 is awesome!

  4. My Christmas plans have just been altered by the UC system. Seems there was a slight over sight (or undrsight depending upon which side you’re on). They need another $723.18 by December 15, 2009 or my lovely son is coming back home. I love him but I’ve already turned his room into my personal tribute to the movie “ISHTAR”! NOOOOOOOooooooo!!!!!!!!! anyway the pittence set aside for Christmas will now go to the UC system. Guess he’ll get a box of condoms for Christmas….or balloon animals either way he’ll need them for whatever he uses them for….no I do not want to know. BTW love the new format…and hey Dolphyn girl…haven’t seen you post in awhile…nice to see you again. P.S.S. ( pronounced piss)..cheap wine bang for the buck any good blend from Trader Joes about $4.99 ..Wine Dog I saw that!!!

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