Heading the right direction is so relaxing. It really doesn’t take any extra work. Doing the wrong things causes me a lot of stress. My boss has lightened up on me for some reason. I don’t know why I was getting whipped like a bad dog in the first place. It certainly provided grist for the stress eating mill. I haven’t screwed up in two days. Not one piece of candy, no carmel macciattos, nothing. I’m at 207 today. I’m off to a cardio workout in a few. It’s finally not raining and a little pointy earred devil would like to go for his morning walk. We’re heading into another holiday weekend and I’d like this one to work out better than the last one. NYE we’ll be at Teatro Zinzanni, I’m pretty fired up about this. I looked at their online wine list. I was going to bring wine, but they’re serving a Shafer Merlot. I’m done like dinner. They’re also serving Grand Dame, so there’s no where for me to go. Saturday will be an excellent free day!

This weeks routine
1 egg 1/3 cup whites
2 slices lean Canadian Bacon
Shredded Wheat with nonfat milk

Protein Bar

Apple and String Cheese

Turkey on ww sourdough

Chicken breast sauteed with spices, little bit of wine and spinach over ww pasta

ricotta cheese and blueberries

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