That is pouring like an avalanche, coming down the mountain

Love the inbox.  OTG send me this link.  I promise you, underwriting at title companies have come to a stand still while title officers argue the esoteric nuances of this decision.  Sadly, they’re the only ones that care.

The structures were built landward of the mean-high-water line (that is, were built lawfully, and on the homeowners’ own land), but because of continuing erosion the structures in part came to lie waterward of the “theoretical” mean-high-water line—waterward, that is, as that line would have existed had there not been those structures.

This is why I find that interesting.  See where the tide is marked on that map?  Does that decision mean the Feds own the Embarcadero Center?  And 101 California and everything on California street all the way to just past Sansome.  Surf’s up Bra.


Doesn’t seem to be a particularly well thought out decision, especially from a federal court. The ensuing gnashing of teeth should be interesting.  Talk amongst yourselves.

But first, a quick moment of lunacy.

[youtube rhzVYPbWyR4]

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  1. This has a certain Creation vs. Evolution ring to it? I’m printing up a bunch of shirts that say “What Would Darwin Do?..was that lighting?????!!!!

  2. Don’t worry Skip. I’m working on a post on God and America. Lightening won’t be striking you any time soon. Although I’d get one of those Paddington Bear raincoats just in case pieces of the Wine Dog might be raining down.

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